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Mercurey is another wonderful value region in the Cote Chalonnaise. For an appellation that is the biggest of the four major ones in the Chalonnaise it is impressive that quality is this high. Named after a local Gallo-Roman temple in honor of the god Mercury, this appellation is much more red wine than white, and up until 10-15 years ago, quality was variable but that has greatly improved with more attentiveness in the vineyard and cellar. Wines from less than ideally situated vineyards tend to be thin and acidic.. Over 95% of the wine is red but the rare 5% of white is generally excellent and is somewhat exotic in style. 

Buy in ripe vintages such as 2009, 2005 and 1999 to avoid thin and acidic wines and if you buy in classic vintages such as 2008 and 2001, tread carefully and stick to top producers listed below. In ripe vintages, top wines, from the top producers can resemble 1er Cru Pommard. There are 30 premier crus in Mercurey so producer is of utmost importance here. Mercurey generally runs between $16 and $40 a bottle.

Notable recent vintages: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1999

Top producers (in no particular order) include:
  • Domaine du Meix Foulot
  • Domaine Francois Raquillet
  • Michel Juillot
  • Bruno Lorenzon
  • Domaine Faiveley
  • Domaine Genot-Boulanger
  • A. et P. Villaine