In terms of Burgundy appellations Vire-Clesse is a relative newcomer given special AC status in 1999. It is named after two villages, Vire and Clesse. Both are on a strip of old limestone which goes north through the Macconais. Before this appellation was created the wines were labeled as Macon-Vire or Macon-Clesse. There are not that many producers but quality is high. It is almost always worthy to buy a bottle of Vire-Clesse as it will, odds on, be very good. They can be found for between $16-$40 a bottle.

Notable Recent Vintages: 2010, 2008, 2007, 2004, 2004, 2002, 2001, 1999

Top producers of Vire-Clesse include:
  • Domaine la Soufrandiere/Bret Brothers
  • Andre Bonhomme
  • Heritiers de Comtes Lafon
  • Roger Cordier
  • Domaine Valette
  • Domaine/Maison Jean Rijckaert
  • Domaine Emillian Gillet