In the US, Pouilly-Fuisse might have the most name recognition of any white wine region in Burgundy and more often than not, it is from people mistaking it for Pouilly-Fume, the Sauvignon-blanc based appellation in the Loire Valley.  

Pouilly-Fuisse can be light, lithe and minerally with very focused somewhat ripe fruit.  One also finds richer and bigger wines with big, powerful fruit, extract and sap that can age for many years. The one thing they can lack, that their neighbors to the north excel in, is finesse. 

Because of the name recognition, Pouilly-Fuisse easily commands the highest prices of any wines in the Macon.  You have many well-regarded estates such as the Biodynamic Chateau des Rontets and the more classically styled Chateau de Fuisse whose wines can be good but also spotty so you need to choose carefully. They make around 6 million bottles a year and sell most of it very easily based on the name recognition. 

Typically the wines start at $25-$30 and can go up to $65. They are not great values, but the wines do have an unmistakeable character that people pine for.  Be careful though as many producers just bank on the name and create, light, dull and fruity wines that have nothing to do with the more serious examples that are made. 

The three main villages that surround Pouilly are Fuisse and Solutre, where it is said the most full-bodied and opulent wines come from.  In Vergisson, the wines tend to be lighter than Fuisse and then there are the wines towards the center of Pouilly which tend to be the most complex. 

Even given the preceding, the most important thing is the producer, because as previously noted, many producers rest on the laurels of the appellation's name recognition. 

Notable Recent Vintages: 2010, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2002

Top producers of Pouilly-Fuisse include (in no particular order):
  • Jean-Jacques Litaud
  • Denis Jeandeau
  • Chateau des Rontets
  • Chateau Fuisse
  • Domainde de la Soufranderie (Bret Brothers)
  • Guffens-Heynen
  • Daneil et Martine Barraud
  • Collovray & Terrier
  • J.A. Ferret
  • Deux Montille & Souers
  • Olivier Merlin
  • Gerard Valette
  • Domaine Tripoz