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Needs Analysis

Customer Interview:
We have interviewed the customer on two seperate occasions.  The intial interview gave us an idea about what she was looking for and expecting for the exhibits.  Krista was addiment on the limited amount of space that she had to work with.  Therefore the best option for group members would be to create table top exhibits unless given consent and apporval from Krista to do other wise.
Functional Description:
The functional description of our teams design is a floor fan with three speeds that will direct its flow of air through a long vertical cylindrical tube.  This force of air will allow children to interact with the exhibit by creating individual models out of craft materials that they place inside the tube. 
Special Requirements:
The special requirements that were given to our team are, the exhibit can't be taller than 5 feet, the area around the fan must be child proof, it must be on wheels, and weight should light enough so that all of the museum employees can move it easily when necessary.