Project Planning

  •     Gather information about customers needs.
  •     Visit the Children's Museum of Klamth Falls.
  •     Brainstorm ideas for different exhibit options.
  •     Narrow brainstorming ideas down to two possible designs.
  •     Present both ideas to customer to vairify approval of concept design.
  •     Create a Gantt chart and task breakdown/responsibilty list.
  •     Develope a functional description of project's design.
  •     Present a formal proposal to customer.
APRIL 20TH - MAY 11:
  •     Idea generation and concept criteria.
  •     Drawing set of exihibit design.
  •     Bill of Materials and procurment.
  •     CAE.
  •     Prototype of physical model.
MAY 11TH - MAY 25TH:
  •     Build final model.
  •     Install product; help customer with setup.
  •     Finalize website; display organization and easy navigation.
  •     Display representation fo the body of work. 
  •     Present final product.
  •     Product fucntionality.
  •     Documentation.
  •     Customer satisfaction.