Research & development

Currently we are working on these projects:

Plans are made for an electric paramotor....

Para-glider towing , with a paramotor
We are developing a towing system for para-gliders.
First tests are successful, but we are missing para-motor-power.
More newss- coming soon.
Watch it on YOUTUBE

Project Dynotest-system
We are almost finished on the computerized para-motor testing system
We can now monitor on a computer:
Power, temp, rpm, mixture and vibrations.
This will result in Blueprinting-procedures to make your engine run perfectly.
More power, less consumption and longer engine-life.
After appointment, we will diagnose & improve your engine.

BIG NEWS : none of tested TOP80 engines where running good, to rich below, to lean at higher rpm, even new-ones.....
After tuning ...Consumption reduced by 10% average, power increase by 5% average, easier starting, less vibrations. MORE FUN.