Earth Day

Earth Day is an awesome a day of new beginnings a day of spring, when the world blossoms and peeks its head out, saying hello I am alive and ready to Thrive.

Events include:

PLANT SWAP: 3522 SE 8th Ave. Portland, OR 97202 10-2.

Also bring Plants and SEED to WALLACE PARK for Earth Day 2009 NEXT Weekend.
Best to arrive before NOON, Sat 25th.

let me know if you want to be added to my Plant Swap Alert list.
I host Swaps Spring & Fall, in Parkrose...rain or shine,
under a shady carport. Shade means less stress for our plant babies.

My poem about Earth Day:
Earth Day is a holiday,
When we Say Thank You Mother
Earth Day is a Flower Blooming,
A Tiger Lily is Born Blossoming
Earth Day is my favorite day,
A happy day all over the World.
Earth Day is the Birth Day,
of the one life we cherish most.
Earth day is a wonder day, from
East coast to West Coast, to Portland,
to Austin, to Paradise, too awesome.
Earth Day,Earth Day Hurray!Hurray!,
the people say as they pass this day,
From Planting trees, to nesting bees,
a garden is born, a garden blooms,
a fruit ripens, a tree sparkles,
and all the while the Walrus Warkles.
Earth Day is and awesome