Windsor Park Tramping Club - walking on the mild side.

Next attraction - Puhoi 27.01.2018 
8am(weather permitting)
Moving to new site from January 2018 so watch this space

Why you should join Windsor Park Tramping forum - (2007-2017, 120 walks, 1200km)

Windsor Park Tramping Club is a voluntary run activity supported by it's members. Through tramping we encourage fellowship among members as well as inviting non members to join in the fun of outdoor activity. Presently activities run on the third Saturday of each month and occasionally on public holidays. Tramps are do-able for all able bodied persons between 7 and 70 years of age. Come and join us enjoying God's creation. We tramp because we love to be among great people and among great scenary! Don't procrastinate, enquire today!

What's so great about our club?

  • Outdoors
  • Children friendly
  • Good fellowship
  • One in spirit
  • Free
  • Fun