We are fortunate that we are able to offer regular courses in range safety, hunter safety, basic pistol, personal protection, basic rifle, concealed carry and more.  From beginners to long time shooters, we have something for everyone.  
   The following is a list of instructors who are members of the club.  Classes are normally open to the general public.  Some of the courses are held outside of the Gun Club and others are held at our club house. Scheduled classes and instructor workshops are listed on the Events Calendar.  Please visit the instructor`s web site for detailed information.

The Windsor Gun Club does not endorse Instructors.
* Concealed Carry Instructors using the club ranges MUST be Club members
* Instructors conducting Live Fire courses MUST provide proof of insurance. 
* Instructors may NOT close ranges without prior Board of Director approval.

 Instructor Training Offered Comments
Justin W Tichenor
NRA Intructor
Concealed Carry Instructor


instructor (at) 
8, 12 and 16 Hour Illinois
Concealed Carry Classes
NRA Pistol Simulator Training
NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Personal Protection in the Home

  Private and group classes available.

See calendar for schedule.
Larry Tipsword
NRA Training Counselor
Refuse to be a Victim Counselor
Concealed Carry Instructor #18

217-276- 1061

pistol (at) 
8, 12 and 16 Hour
3 hour Renewal
Illinois Concealed Carry Classes
Instructor and Student Level training:

NRA Pistol Simulator Training
NRA First Step Pistol
NRA First Step Rifle
NRA First Step Shotgun
NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Basic Rifle
NRA Basic Shotgun
NRA Defensive Pistol
NRA Personal Protection in the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
NRA Range Safety Officer
Chief Range Safety Officer
Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
        Larry holds classes for groups and individuals at the clubhouse by appointment. 

  IL Concealed Carry Renewal
$40 members/ $50 public
2021 Schedule
Saturday March 13th 1:00-4:30
Sunday April 11th 1:00-4:30
Saturday May 22th 1:00-4:30
Saturday June 12th 1:00-4:30
Saturday Aug 14th  1:00-4:30

IL Concealed Carry Class
$160 members/ $180 public

Saturday April 24th 9:00-5:30
Saturday May 1st 9:00-5:30

Saturday July 24th 9:00-5:30
Saturday July 31th 9:00-5:30



Member Instructors that would like to be added to this list,
Email your details to:   Email Here