The Windsor Gun Club has been serving shooters of all types around Windsor, Illinois since 1953.  We try to offer something for everyone whether you are interested in Trap, Skeet, Rifles, Handguns or some friendly competition.
   Our facility includes 2 competition size Trap and Skeet fields, 10 yard and 25 yard pistol ranges, 25 yard and 50 yard and 100 yard rifle ranges as well as our club house facility.
    We know that many shooters enjoy a bit of competition and each year we hold shotgun competitions and other shooting events.  We know it is difficult to learn all the needed skills for competition or even recreational shooting so we also provide training classes for shotgun safety, pistol safety and concealed carry.
    Whether you want to compete, expand your skills or learn new ones the Windsor Gun Club is here to help you reach your personal goals!

    This summer the club will be offering a Pistol Competition Series featuring Steel Targets. 
Info: http://www.peako.com/steel21/