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House is nearly done

posted Apr 3, 2013, 8:57 AM by Rick Donaldson
Last week our daughter and her husband came over to help paint, and actually spent two days painting rooms and helping me.  In all we painted three bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallway and some closets.

I finished removing the last of the carpets, most electrical covers and bought new covers, and switch and plugs.

On Wednesday last week the flooring was finished (for the most part, there's some putty or something that has to go into nail holes, and a couple of boards need to be put in, and there's a problem with the way the stair well was finished... but I think we're getting them to fix that).

Last night I stopped in at the local Lowe's hardware store and purchased three of the five doors that are left to hang.  I'll probably start working that tonight after work.  That will leave the two upstairs bathroom doors.  The three I bought are for the upstairs bedrooms (all the downstairs rooms are hung already).

I inspected the bathroom and new bedroom last night as well.  The dry wall is up and the texturing is finished.  It has to dry, and should be paintable tonight I think.

So... what do we have left to do?

Hang all the closet doors, two bathroom doors and three bedroom doors.  Install vanity, sink and toilet in the basement bathroom.  Paint basement bathroom.  Install a few more light fixtures.  Install all new electrical sockets, all new switches and all new electrical covers throughout the house.  Install trim around new doors (after doors are up) and install new baseboards.  The back yard needs work, and so does the front (waiting on warmer weather, no snow and no rain).  I need to get a new guard railing up around the stair well, and a hand rail going down to the basement area, which is a problem because of the flooring as I mentioned above.  They didn't build it right and I'm not sure how to get around the problem without fixing the floor first.  The contractors are on the hook for that problem.

If everything goes well I'm hoping to get the house on the market about 1 May or so.  It might take a couple extra weeks in May depending on the details, and I need to get rid of a lot of computer and electronic junk in the basement so we're thinking of having a garage sale.

I have a very nice Orion telescope (8" reflector) I was considering leaving behind for my daughter to use with her kids, but they are all still pretty young and the telescope is not easy to set up for them if they aren't trained.  I might simply sell it.

Either way we're on the down hill run now and things are moving pretty quickly for us; in fact it has moved so quickly we were surprised we could accomplish so much in a short time.  I'm sore, I have cuts on my hands, fingers and bruises on my shins and knees, my back aches, I lost 8 pounds in sweat taking out carpets and I have no idea how many times I bumped my head on the ceiling climbing the ladder and forgetting the ceilings aren't near as tall at home as they are at work!

All in all though, the house seriously looks much better than with old paint and chips off it, old nasty carpet that probably hasn't been clean (you can't clean carpet, be honest!) in years.  And the house smells better (thank goodness! haha) 

After living in the same place for 25 years, raising 5 kids, some grand kids, two dogs and two cats (not all at the same time) I can say that I'd rather not do that again... hahaha Don't get me wrong, we love the kids, but we don't want to raise any more.  Downsizing has been a difficult thing to accomplish and though we still have a lot of junk to get rid of, we've gotten rid of TONS of stuff (we filled a 12 yard dumpster to the top and overflowing with ancient junk that we kept around for God knows what reason!) and we still have a lot of stuff in the basement and garage.

I'll update this soon.