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"Do you have the desire to work on the internet, from the comfort of your own home? Do YOU dream of FINALLY paying off those BILLS? That CAN become a reality! Viral Pond can really make it happen!"

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What is Viral Pond?

is an all-in-one resource for earning lasting residual income online from multiple income streams.

It is brand NEW and created by trusted, veteran internet marketer Valerie UnderHill, founder of Marketing Pond.

includes a downline builder for the BEST residual income opportunities, free training, and all the free support and help YOU will ever need to SUCCEED at YOUR internet business. 

There are many,MANY EXCITING things that are included on the VIRALPOND website to help you succeed online, and grow lasting residuals.

 These are described in much more detail below.

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What things are on the ViralPond site to help me earn residual income and grow my online profits ... virally??

There are many things included on the ViralPond site to help you FINALLY succeed at the residual income game. What you receive depends on whether you are a FREE member or an UPGRADED (paid) member.

You can join as a free member and never upgrade. That is completely optional.

But, as you will see below, the one time low fee is more than worth it.

Signup FREE to ViralPond and get all this:

Your very own replicated WEBSITES that have personal referral links, so that you can promote and earn free money, as well as get signups for the income opportunities in the program list.

You can sign up for and PROMOTE the best two income opportunities on the planet.

Access to an AWESOME MEMBER area.

Viral Pond SPLASH pages to promote your referral link, and EARN residual income.

NEW!! Viral Resource Downline Builder!!

Free BANNERS for Viral Pond promotion. These can be placed ANYWHERE on the web that you  hope to receive sign-ups.

Access to the FORUM (message board) where you will find tips and encouragement from fellow Viral Pond members.

EARN 20% commissions from Affiliate UPGRADES!

UPGRADE inside and receive the BENEFITS below!

After you signup for FREE, you have the option of upgrading for a low one-time fee.

Listed below is what you receive immediately when you choose to do so.

All of the FREE member benefits listed above.

Mini-sites for promoting Viral Pond, and the residual income opportunities.

Promotional banners.

Viral Pond rotators.

Various helpful viral resources, training, and tips.

Access to the The Viral Report!!!, which will explode your income virally!

Easy to follow along and understand, step by step walkthru's and tutorials. An experienced and successful marketer shares what she has learned over the years to achieve success online!

You are able to email your downline from within the ViralPond site, to give encouragement and support.

UPGRADED members earn an IMPRESSIVE 40% when an affiliate upgrades!

One of the purposes of the FREE option is for you to determine for YOURSELF if Viral Pond REALLY is your solution to EARNING Residual Income Online.

So, my advice is to take your time and EXPLORE the site BEFORE you upgrade.

How Can VIRAL Pond Help ME to Grow My RESIDUAL INCOME?

When you join Viral Pond, you get ACCESS to the resources listed above.

Viral Pond shows you exactly WHAT TO DO, and gives exact expicit instructions on how to achieve a lasting, and growing residual income.

Viral Pond will surely HELP you achieve your goals.

But first YOU have to TAKE ACTION.

After you FIRST enter the site, be sure to READ the START HERE section RIGHT WAY!

You should also READ the instructions, follow the walk-thru's, and take full advantage of ALL the resources on the site.

Do this consistently and persistently, and before long signups (and profits) will be pouring in.

There are NO false promises at Viral Pond!

What you get out of it is dependent on what you put in.

You can be assured that... the more you put in, the more YOUR income will...

Grow VIRAL!!!

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