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  • Freebie Force International
    is a brand NEW internet company!

    It is growing very,VERY fast, and becoming VERY popular!

    They seek out and display amazing FREE products and services....

    Every Single DAY!!

    Want to SEE what ALL the fuss is about???

    Take a
    FREE no-obligation tour at...

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  • WHERE does all this FREE stuff come from?

  • BIG NAME companies give away things ALL the time.

    Freebie Force seeks out these free products and services so that their members will have FIRST-HAND knowledge of FREE offers...

    ...the MOMENT they are released to the public.

    Since only a certain quantity of FREE products are often given away, it is
    absolutely great to...

    NEVER miss a FREE OFFER!

  • WHAT things can I get for FREE?

  • There are different offers all the time.

    FREEBIE Force members have gotten FREE concert tickets, FREE trips, FREE groceries, FREE coupons, FREE gas,  FREE cars, FREE computers, FREE iPods, FREE laptops, FREE appliances, and... you get the point,the list goes on and on...

    They have saved THOUSANDS of dollars in things that they needed but have received...

    Completely FREE!!

  • Ok..OK.. I'm CONVINCED on the "FREE" bit... But I heard somewhere you can MAKE MONEY with THIS.. HOW is that?

  • YES!

    You CAN make money!

    The POWERFUL compensation plan involves a
    5 X 7 FORCED Matrix.

    You receive two affiliate links when you sign up, to promote your referral sites.

    For every person that you refer, you will receive a monthly

    $1 RESIDUAL Income as long as they remain  ACTIVE.

    If you refer just a few people,your membership can become FREE, and you can earn ongoing residuals from the others in your downline.

    A 5 X 7 Matrix has TWO Parts, the Width and the Depth....

    5 width and 7 depth.

    The MAXIMUM number of people a person can have on the first level is 5, second 25, third 125... and so on, way up to 78125 per level!

    The maximum number you can have on your team is...


    Here is a chart:


    5 X 1 =5
    2 5 X 5 =25
    3 5 X 25 =125
    4 5 X 125 =625
    5 5 X 625 =3125
    6 5 X 15625 =78125
    7 Total:

HOW do I Know if This Will Work For Me? Is it Worth the Effort?HOW Long Will it Take to See Results?

  • RESULTS vary depending on your DETERMINATION to succeed and not give up.

    Basically, the main factor for success at the Freebie Force income opportunity (as with ANY opportunity) is to PROMOTE it consistently,WITHOUT GIVING up.

Here is a story to illustrate my point.

LUCY joins FREEBIE Force, and is excited by all the FREE stuff that she sees there, and even sends for some things right away.

Lucy also receives an email from her PERSONAL sponsor from the Freebieforcesite team, providing her with TWO links, one to ViralPOND, and the other for a newsletter with TIPS, strategies, and motivation  for success with FREEBIE Force International.

 Browsing through the site, she discovers she has FREE referral sites with her username attached to them.  She advertises her websites using the STRATEGIES at Viral Pond, and by following the walkthru's there. Lucy discovers several UNIQUE, useful tips at ViralPond and begins advertising at several places, such as traffic exchanges, Craig's List, and social networks.

After a couple days, Lucy gets lots of hits, but to her DISMAY, no-one has taken the tour yet. Never one to give up easily, she begins a NEW BLOG focusing on her experiences with Freebie Force.

Lucy writes a short article and posts it there as well as on several article sites.  Lucy doesn't have much time, since she works in the daytime, but she manages to get a lot done by working at this TWO hours a day.

Its been a full week now,STILL no tour takers, and she is getting a little discouraged with the response so far. She THINKS that she should be getting DAILY signups. Isn't that what most programs promise?

Then suddenly, she receives a "You Got MAIL" - FRF Team notification, and discovers that someone named DEBBIE has taken the FREE TOUR!

Lucy sends them a welcome email RIGHT awayand offers her help. A few minutes later, to her surprise, Lucy receives another email stating that
Debbie has upgraded.

Lucy PHONES Debbie right away, welcoming her and sharing ideas on how to promote Freebie Force, and RELAYS to her the links for the Viral Pond and newsletter.

Debbie, who happens to have a popular blog already, writes a review of Freebie Force and receives 5 SIGNUPS in just JUST one week.

Meanwhile, Lucy receives another signup, making her team a grand total of 7 in just TWO weeks.

The above example is more than possible for ANYONE.

What really makes the difference here between failure and success is the effort you put forth and not giving up.

You will soon discover that the initial work (which becomes easier) is more than worth it.

To learn more about Freebie Force and the BEST Freebie Force Team, please click on the link below.

Freebie FORCE Free Tour

  • I'm SOLD! FREE STUFF! Residual Income! .... WHERE do I join?

  • Just go to our FREEBIE FORCE TOUR SITE and either sign up for a free tour or a PAID membership right way.

    Take a look at our special TEAM gateway page.

    REMEMBER, the SOONER you join, the BETTER your position will be.

    Freebie Force has plenty of NEW and EXCITING things planned in the near future to rapidly expand the membership (Phase 3 - new website, compressed matrix, marketing materials, etc...), so...

    NOW is the time to be a part of Freebie Force!


Graham Matthews Creative Residual Income Strategies

Graham Matthews

Newfoundland, Canada

Creative Residual Income

Team Leader Phone : 

 901-473-9201 gmatthews

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