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    is GDI (Global Domains International)?

    Global Domains International
    , Inc. (also known as "GDI") registers ALL .WS "Web Site" domain names all over the world.

    The GDI income opportunity happens to be one of the most honest, trusted,long-standing, and reliable work at home residual income opportunities on the internet.

    Being around for OVER 7 years now,MILLIONS worldwide are realizing their dream of a full time residual home income job working from their computer.

    The story of .WS is a long and interesting one, worthy of an extra read.

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    WHAT ELSE is Offered Along With the DOMAIN Name?

    The amazing product, which costs
    only 10 Monthly, includes:

    * a DOMAIN name of your choice (.WS) with no extra fees!

    * FREE webspace to host your domain

    * website builderwith professionally designed templates

    * a whopping 10 EMAIL accounts

    * a FORUM membership

    * incredible FREE support.

    Get a FULL overview of the
    GDI website package

    WOW!!  My OWN Website! Can I Use That For ANYTHING?

    Of course!

    Just be sure to follow their terms of service. There are many, many things you can use a website for.

    You can use it to
    promote GDI and other income opportunities.

    Some ideas of other uses for your website are:

    * To showcase pictures of your family and friends.

    * Talk about your favorite hobby or pass-time.

    *To promote your business.

    * To display your favorite jokes and funny pictures.

    * Family geneology site.

    * A memorial site saluting a lost loved one.

    * A daily diary site (ie blog) where you can voice your opinions and comments on various subjects.

    *. much, much more!

    How Can I Earn MONEY With GDI? Can I Join JUST For The INCOME OPPORTUNITY?

    Yes, and Yes!

    You CAN certainly earn money.  HOW MUCH you can earn is dependant on how much you put into building your team, and being PERSISTANT. The referral plan is described below.

    You can  sign up just for the income opportunity if you prefer.  You also have the option of leaving your site as it is, so that your new .WS DOMAIN automatically redirects to your affiliate site.

    GDI has an
    INCREDIBLE compensation plan!

    If you have been involved with mutil-level marketing (mlm) and AFFILIATE marketing, you know how they work.

      The referral plan involves a 5 level unlimited width system! The residual INCOME is $1 monthly for EACH person on EACH level!

    Just refer a FEW friends and your membership can become free in a very short time.

    Refer MORE and you will can start a
    growing tidal wave of income that could increase for years to come!

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    I WANT to Join! Can I TRY GDI For FREE?

    Of Course You CAN!...

    You can try it out risk-free with no obligation for a full 7 days!

    If in that time you decide that its just not for you, you can cancel, and you will not have to pay.

    We know that you will not want to do this, once you see how great GDI is, and experience residual income for life!

    Visit the link below to visit Global Domains International right now, view the video, and see what you've been missing!


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