A new breed of wind turbines is coming!

Take a simple idea and take it seriously
I filed a patent application for the above drawn turbine with the italian Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 30, 2014: On July 2, 2015 the European Patent Office published the search report declaring that the subject of my independent claim is new, but rejected the application for "lack of inventive step". 

Quite rightly, in my opinion, since the examinator found that US patent 8,430,637 (www.google.com/patents/US8430637), issued a year before my application, discloses a wind blade which "could be given the shape" of my one. 

Still in my opinion, however, the inventor of US patent 8,430,637 did not realize that his blade could be shaped like mine.

Moreover, his invention looks curiously like this garden spinner, which was probably already in commerce long before he filed his patent application: If this was true his patent may be invalid, in whole or in partDeco garden spinner (previously sold on www.fishpond.com/Toys/Deco-1-Wind-Dazzler-Garden-Spinner-US-Toys/0786782572187)

So I converted my patent application to a design patent application, for which I was granted the italian Design Patent nr. 283327 on march 27, 2017.

I put here the patent drawings for anyone interested in building at home a wind turbine that is very simple to build, inexpensive, and lightweight. Three embodiments of the turbine are shown, the first one being the simplest, the second one the most (unusefully) complicated and the third one probably the most efficient.

And, no, not "yet another revolutionary wind turbine": of course it doesn't beat the efficiency of today's highly optimized wind turbinesbut at least it is very cost-efficient, since it costs next to nothing.
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