Service Learning

Service-learning (S-L) is a teaching strategy, a philosophy of education, and a school reform movement. In S-L, students use academic knowledge and skills to meet real community needs through activities connected to their curriculum. K-12 classrooms work in partnership with community based organizations and higher education to serve the community. (Billig, 2005)

According to the National Youth Leadership Council, Service Learning is based on the philosophy that young people are a community's greatest resource and asset and that it is the responsibility of each community to help young people become democratic citizens that are knowledgeable contributors to their community. The students involved in the Windows to History North Adams project stated that this project was important because it would allow the public to learn about the local history of their community. As a result, the public would become more informed and possibly more involved in their local community. This project has the potential to be used in a variety of ways for a long period of time. It allows any one who is interested in learning about North Adams to be able to do so in an easy user friendly way.The students collaborated with one another which made this project an even more worth wild experience. 

This particular project was introduced to the students, but they were the driving force behind it. Each student was held accountable for designing a website that would be used by the public. Stephanie and Krista did not anticipate the amount of effort and dedication that went into the development of these sites. Each student took ownership of their work and was excited when the time came to showcase them.

                                            Windows to History Connection to Service-Learning

Billig, S. (2005) "Intervening Evidence:Making the case for Service-Learning." Community Works Journal, Summer, 14-15.