Project Proposal

Stephanie Kopala and Krista Pinsonneault attended the Hampshire Educational Collaborative's Summer program Teaching American History. This course was under the direction of Rich Cairn, who was instrumental in the development of this project. Rich and his colleagues put together a program that examined various topics through the use of primary source documents. One of the requirements for the Summer session was to develop a lesson plan that incorporated the use of primary source documents. One of the options was to develop a proposal for a unique grant funded project to develop local history websites through the use of primary sources. Stephanie and Krista were excited about the prospect and developed a plan centered around the theme of Immigration and Industrialization into North Adams, Massachusetts. 

After deciding on a theme, Stephanie and Krista conducted an extensive amount of preliminary research to see what resources would be available to their United States History classes. They made several visits to both the Historical Society and the Public Library, both of which proved to be essential in putting together this project. After compiling the preliminary research, they developed a detailed plan and submitted it to the HEC. The proposal was was accepted for grant funding and was introduced to the participating classes within the first week of school.