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Service Learning  

In September, Mrs. Stephanie Kopala and Ms. Krista Pinsonneault introduced their Honors United States History classes to the idea of creating a digital museum for North Adams. Mrs. Kopala and Ms. Pinsonneault were approved for a grant through the Hampshire Educational Collaborative that allowed their students to design web pages based on Immigration and Industrialization in North Adams. 

The students agreed to the daunting task of sorting through the vast resources North Adams had to offer. Students visited the Historical Society, the Public Library, and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  They uncovered primary sources in the forms of photographs, speeches, memorials, articles, stories, and interviews that were incorporated into their pages. The research and primary sources became available to the public as a result of the student designed web pages. 

These pages provide the community with a valuable resource that memorializes the rich history of North Adams.  As one student stated, “Learning about local history is important to the community, because it allows us to be informed citizens.”