Windows Causing Melted Vinyl Siding


This website is intended to be a collection point for all of us who have had our vinyl siding melted by non-flat windows. If you have had a problem similar to this, check out our discussion Google Group: The group is open to new members - just post a request to the Owner at that address. It is not open to the general public just to prevent SPAM.

To help people find this information, it is very important that we note that the melted siding is not the fault of the vinyl siding manufacturer, and it is not caused by Low-E windows. Low-e windows are designed for energy efficiency, and they work. The problem only occurs when the windows are NOT FLAT - when their curvature is such that they create a convex lens, focusing the sun into a path across the wall of the neighboring house. The windows can be single pane, double pane, or triple pane - the problem is that when they are not flat, they are a magnifying glass. The windows manufacturers say that they produce them correctly, but they degrade over time. That is simply not true. We have many problem windows that were replaced with flat ones over 10 years ago, and they have remained FLAT! We now insist that all new and replacement windows be measured for flatness, and, would you believe, they are ALL delivered flat now. They can do it - the glass companies can do it. We just need to get someone to pay for all of the damage they have caused up to this point.

The class action lawsuits that are currently out there are going after the vinyl manufacturers - they should be going after the windows and glass makers.

If your siding, or your neighbor's, looks like one of these pictures, welcome to the club. See pictures tab.
Hopefully, together we can persuade the Windows and Glass manufacturers that they have a serious problem.

BREAKING NEWS from ?? - I will add the locale when I get it.

Local Fire Chief and Fire Prevention Officer in cooperation with Chief Building Inspector cited the offending neighbor for Allowing a Fire Hazard .  Builder was out of the picture due to age of houses (15 years).
Neighbor arranged to have Turf Guard film applied and it stopped the magnifying effect.
Repairs to our house are underway now. (September 2021). Offending neighbor was held responsible for cost of repairs. The fix was this product:
It was designed to prevent the melting of artificial turf - I guess that is in vogue somewhere!