Blinds, Shutters, Curtains, Drapery Or Some Combination Of All!  A Bit Confusing, Not Sure Which Way To Go Or What To Do!

Making the right choice will not only enhance your home but also the way you live and entertain! 

Windows come in an assortment of shapes and sizes which makes covering them more than notion considering the options are not one style fits all.   Don't waste money on costly mistakes, avoid trial, error, and do over's.  See how the pros do it!  All types of windows, all types of coverings!  (Tall, Wide, Short, Round, Rectangular, Square, Oval, Two Story, Picture, Arched, Bay, & More)

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Blinds - have changed in recent years and are no longer dull and ordinary.  The days of the metallic blinds that bent and  caused cuts while cleaning are long gone. Today’s markets, produce diverse ranges of real wood blinds, faux wood blinds, textile blinds, composite blinds, vertical blinds, aluminium lightweight blinds, and motorized blinds. All of the blinds can dress up windows in either your home or office.
Shutters - Plantation Shutters provide a traditional look to any room. Available in a variety of solid and stained colors, Plantation Shutters offer both design and light control for any window.
Curtains & Drapery - Custom Drapery offer the widest
range of function and style, with the ability to be drawn open
and close utilizing traversing rods, or to frame your window
and add a decorate accent to your walls and windows. 
The applications of drapery are just as adverse in that they can be custom made to be drawn vertical in the form of a shade or horizonally in the form of curtain panels.
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 When it comes to selecting window treatments the possibilites are endless and depending upon individual taste, style, and budget a combinations of all styles and treatments can be utilized.