Update An E-Book

To update your edition of an e-book that you have bought, first, back up any notes and highlights in it that you want to keep. Then go to:

Sign in with your Amazon account.
Go to the link again if they send you to a different page.

 You should see a page that looks like this:

Select "Your Account". Do  not select any of the "Frequent questions" options, but, instead,

Put: "Please Run the ASIN Updater Tool. Tnx." in the subject line of the "Or, ask your question here" box.

In the text box put the following text, replacing the first blank line with  the name of the device you want the book sent to (i.e., your Kindle or registered Kindle for PC)  and the second blank line your Kindle e-mail address. (You can find this by going to http://www.amazon.com/, clicking on "Your Account" - upper right-hand corner - Click on Manage Your Kindle - halfway down the page under Digital Management, sign in, click on Personal Document Settings in the left hand column, and look under Your Kindle Devices for the address of the device you named.)

Could you please manually send the updated content of my ebook ASIN B004Z8S74Y to my [devicename] at [myusername]@Kindle.com?

I am aware that once the new content is received, features such as Highlights, Last Page Read and Bookmarks will be removed and the locations of notes may not match in the updated copy.

Thank you very much.

Or you can write your own message in your own words. Basically, every Amazon customer service representative that answers the emails has an application on their computer screen called the ASIN Updater that will send you the updated version of the book, but not everyone of them knows about it or has used it, so you have to sort of guide them to it.

To find out your device name, go to Amazon, click on [Your Account]. Scroll down and click on  [Manage Your Kindle] under Digital Management. Click on [Manage Your Devices] (left hand column, about half way down). Your device name is under [Registered Kindles].

Click on Send Message.

You will get one automatically generated email saying we have your email. It may take several days. After you receive an email saying they have sent the updated file to your Kindle library, turn on the Kindle, run Sync & Check (Menu >> Sync & Check for Items), then go to Archives (Menu >> View Archived Items), scroll down to select the book and then press the square select button. When you open the book from Archives, it will be transferred to the first page under Home. The notification email will come with a question asking whether you were helped or  not. Don't answer it until you have viewed your updated file on your Kindle and know all has worked as intended. If you don't get the updated version showing in your archives, and it doesn't download from Your Account in Amazon, you can use the question to tell them it didn't work and please try again.

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