Nourishing your unborn baby
A growing fetus draws its minerals from your body.  You need to supply your baby with all the minerals it needs to grow healthy bones, and not in teeny pill-sized amounts, either. Bone broth is good, but you should supplement with other minerals that you can eat in bulk. I would suggest edible red desert clay to start, because you can mix it with liquid and eat it from a spoon. Powdered dolomite or similar that you can mix in a smoothie or cup of coffee is good, or pack it into gelatin capsules.  Pre-natal mineral supplements are not enough. You need to take a lot of minerals from varied sources. See Minerals

+ Remember gravity. Gravity will help pull the child in the direction you want it to go. Don't lie down flat or bend in the middle. If you want to rest, lean back at an angle about the same incline as a child's slide. And drink lots of water. Lots of water will create pressure pushing out from the inside and gravity will pull from the outside.
+ Arnica oil dripped onto pads and placed on the vulva after birth are said to speed recovery and help heal any hermorrhoids that may have occurred during the birth.
+ Pads can be made with terry-cloth hand towels folded into a pad and held in place with snug fitting underpants. Rinse and then launder with regular laundry to re-use.

Home birth
Check to see the laws in your jurisdiction and make your decision from there.
A bathtub can be used for a water birth, though you will probably want some kind of back rest so you can stay in a slanted-downward position.
Some people eat their placenta, or at least a few bites of it. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can put the placenta into a low temperature dehydrator and pack the dried placenta into gelatin capsules and still get some of its nutritional value. Eating placenta is supposed to prevent post-partum depression. For more on the reasons why animals and traditional people eat the placenta,
see Placentophagy.
Don't cut the umbilical cord from the baby until it has stopped pulsing and there is no more blood in it.

Unattended birth
If you have previously had a natural birth and know what to expect, you may hope for the special experience of giving birth to your baby by yourself, as long as it is legal in your jurisdiction. You may want to hire a midwife or doula to help you make these decisions, and to have as a standby if birthing on your own becomes unfeasible.

Whether your birth is attended or unattended, the traditional position for a birthing mother-led birth is in a squat or deep-knee bend, while rocking back and forth on the pelvis. Because westerners are used to sitting on chairs, they probably don't have the muscles to maintain a rocking squat, so other forms of supporting the pelvis are used, such as the birthing chair.

+ Drink at least a pint of home-made ale a day as a galactagogue (milk increaser).
See Ale.
+ Many people swear that a squirt of breastmilk is the cure for many skin infections or external ailments.

Caring for a baby
+ Bring the baby to bed with you, wrapped up in enough toweling so you don't need to get up during the night. 
+ During the day, get a sling or baby-wearer that allows the baby to nurse while attached to your front without your having to use your hands to hold the baby. A small baby blanket in a color matching the sling or baby-wearer that can be placed over the baby while they are nursing can protect the sensitivities of passersby, or protect you from the curious stares of the more enlightened.
+ An old traditional practice of giving a teething child an amber necklace to chew on is making a modern comeback. Alabaster teething rings are good because they give the child something cool to bite on. Any, flat smooth rock that is too big for the child to get fully into its mouth can be used by a child. If you're not sure how big is big enough, check out commercial teething rings and make sure it is bigger than that. See to help you decide if amber is right for your baby.
+ A modern all-natural commercial product that is highly recommended for teething pain is Hyland's Teething Tablets.
+ A traditional remedy for colic (gas pains in the intestine) is to make a tea with one teaspoon of fennel, dill or aniseed in a in a pint of water. Simmer for 10 minutes and then strain out the seeds and cool. Give the infant a small amount mixed with water at first and see how they react to it, and use this to judge how much or how dilute you will continue to give to the child.
+ Don't mutilate baby boys by circumcising them.
+ Tell friends and family you will gladly accept hand-me-down and used clothes and baby items. Many people are unsure about giving old clothes to people out of fear of offending them.

Don't Use Diapers
Around home, clothe your child in shirts that reach down below the feet, but do not have any trouser legs to undo. Learn to recognize the signs that the child is about to eliminate and instruct all able-bodied adults that it is their duty to whisk the child immediately to the potty chair when those signs are imminent.

When you do use diapers (nappies), try to use cloth diapers as much as possible. If you're eating plenty of minerals yourself, or if you're adding extra minerals to formula if formula feeding, feces should not be as messy as they would be in a highly-acidic diet. After washing, hang them on an outdoor line to dry.

Caring for a young child
+ Have a neti pot and teach your young child how to use it as soon as they are able to learn.
+ Make your own soap and cleaning products. If this is too much effort and you need to buy a commercial soap, Dr. Bronner's in considered one of the safest to use around children and other living things.
See: soap
+ Good first foods are avocado or banana. Primitive people often chew the new food and insert it into the baby's mouth to pass on the enzymes needed to digest the food as well as the food itself.
+ Make all your foods from scratch so you will know what ingredients go into them.
+Serve bone broth for breakfast.
+ Let children play in the dirt.
+ Don't  use chemical air-fresheners.
+ Fresh air is healthier than stale, indoor air. Try to get some air into the house, even in winter. Don't live in an air-tight house.
+ Cure pinkeye by dropping a little cod liver oil or vitamin a and d into the eye.
+ Get rid of cable, before your child knows about it. Watch entertainment from approved sources only via the internet.

Cough Remedy Your Child Can Make
Peel and slice and onion. Cover with brown sugar. Keep in a glass or ceramic bowl, covered, for a day and then pour the syrup that results into a glass jar, filtering out the solid pieces of onion. Store in a glass jar in the fridge and take a spoonful as needed. Don't make a lot at one time because it will go off in about a week

Vaccines are toxic swill
Avoid them if you legally can. If  you can't, the longer you can postpone the vaccine, the less harm it will do the child. Give them vitamins A and D and cod liver oil before and after they have to get the vaccine.
+ Some people recommend taking arnica before vaccinations.
+ When dealing with allopathic doctors, it is usually better to smile and nod, accept what they say and then do what you want.
+ Some people choose to bring their child to visit other children who have chicken pox or other childhood diseases to get exposure and building immunity out of the way at a convenient time.

The Family Bed
Many traditional cultures had a shared sleeping area for all family members. However, you should not feel that this is required and if you want to sleep with your child only and not your husband when the baby is small, you should not feel pressured to not do so. The same goes for the family dog. If  you want to sleep with the baby alone, you should just find a place to sleep where you and the baby will be alone and tell anyone else that that is just the way it's going to be.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

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