Create A Physic Garden
The most important herb in your stock is the one you can get at, can positively identify and know how to use. Knowing hundreds of different herbs and their qualities doesn't do much good if you don't have any of them on hand.

Because natural remedies often work on many different things, you may only need to have and know a dozen herbs to use as treatment for anything you encounter.Want to plant a physic garden for medicinal herbs this year and want to know a few simple plants to grow that are easy for beginners and will be good for many things? These 10 plants are easy to grow, safe to use and historically have been used to cover a wide variety of physical ailments:

Bee balm. Bee balm, or lemon balm as it is also called, is easy to grow, perennial, good for many things but most importantly, bees love it. Grow this to attract bees to your garden and help make the world a friendlier place for our bee friends who do so much for us. Leaves are edible or use in tea. Said to be good for mental acuity and calmness.

Borage is an annual plant (it lives one year and dies) but it seeds so well that it grows like a weed and one year's planting should ensure a supply of borage for the rest of your life, at least during the growing seasons of late spring , summer and early autumn. Good for inflammatory diseases, weak heart and poor circulation. Leaves and flowers are edible, and said to confer "strength and courage"..
You should be able to find these growing wild. The whole plant edible or use in tea. Red clover is considered more effective than white.

You should be able to find these without planting. Whole plant edible or use in tea.

Good for digestion and tastes good. All parts edible as a vegetable or use leaves and flowers to make tea.

Feverfew A prolific grower and self-seeder. Leaves are edible or use in tea. Said to be good for fever, headache, arthritis and migraine.

Garlic Easy to grow. You can also just push sprouting garlic cloves into the ground. Good to help reduce the severity of any infectious illness. All parts are edible.

Ground Ivy A common lawn weed that you may already have. Check out your grass. It is so invasive you wouldn't plant it, but should be able to find it around. A cure-all that is used to flavor beverages.
May be growing wild in the area. Look for fuzzy gray-green leaves. Check along the sidewalks. Transplant to bring height to your garden. Tea is good for soothing coughs, but be certain to strain it through cloth or very fine sieve to get out hairs.

Make an infusion for mouthwash to cure any oral maladies. Said to be good for mental accuity drank as a tea.

You can add oak, birch and willow to your herbal repertoire if you have any of these trees growing nearby. Remember the most important herbs that you can have are ones that you can positively identify and can get. Because individual plants are often good for a very wide variety of ailments, you would probably need only to learn to identify a few wild growers and a few trees and plant a few store-boughts to have a complete pharmacy for 90% of all ailments you would encounter.

 Be An Instant Herbalist 

To make an infusion from your medicinal herbs, pack a glass jar with the plant material, green or dried, cover with water and place in a slow cooker for a day or until water is reduced to one third. Strain out plant matter and pour liquid into another glass jar, cover and store in refrigerator.

 "One-Size Fits All" prescription for most infectious diseases. 

Make the above infusion and give to someone with these instructions:

Put 1 tablespoon of this into a cup of hot water or tea and drink at least 6 cups a day.
Increase your intake of Vitamin C to 3000 - 5000 mgs (3-5 grams) per day.
Increase vitamins A, E, zinc and selenium.
Drink lots of chicken broth.
Eat at least 2 cloves of garlic a day.

Gargle with hot salt water several times a day.
Practice jala neti (saline nasal irrigation) if possible.
Add miso to your soups and broths.
Eat a serving of sauerkraut or other naturally lacto-fermented pickle with every meal.
Take a spoonful of cod liver oil every day.
Take elderberry syrup if you have it.
Get plenty of sleep in a dark room.
Eat a spoonful of clay a day.

How to Grow More Vegetables: Than You Ever Thought Possible by John Jeavons.
Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long by  Eliot Coleman
Fire Your Doctor! How to Be Independently Healthy by Andrew W. Saul
The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine   by Peter Gail 

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