Effects of Mullein Seed Tea
I would like to pass on my experience with mullein seed, which is supposed to be "toxic". I had a dry cough. My throat would shut and I would cough violently, sometimes seeing little white spots in my field of vision, and wheeze like an asthmatic. I believe in the biofilm model of asthma, that asthma is caused by a living fungal-type organism in the body,  and I could feel something in my throat where it was coming from. I wanted to take something that would act as an expectorant because I wanted to expel, as much as possible, said organism, rather than trying to suppress the cough per se. I searched on the web for expectorants and somehow came up with "mullein", although I believe mullein is a cough suppressant, not an expectorant.

It said to infuse the mullein leaves and then filter out the tiny hairs. Now, I had a jar of dried mullein leaves in the herb cupboard at the time, but somehow I forgot about that. I also had a large (6' high), dried stalk of mullein leaning against the garage that I remembered. (I intended to make a walking stick out of it. Another name for mullein is "Aaron's Rod". Mullein stalks aren't very sturdy, but they are sturdy enough to help with balance when walking and they are extremely lightweight, compared to any other walking sticks.)

The leaves had mostly all fallen off the stalk and blown away, but the top of the stalk still had dried pods full of seeds. I scraped the pods with seeds off the stalk and filled up a ceramic bowl with them and then covered them with water. I put that in the slow cooker and let it steep for a day. By the next evening it had infused to a dark brown tea so I poured out a cup and began to drink it. It tasted surprisingly good and, without giving any thought to dosage or toxicity, I kept drinking it.

After several cups I began to realize it was a suppressant, not an expectorant. It wasn't what I wanted but it did stop the dry cough, at least for awhile, and that was nice to get that break. I began to feel tired, perhaps woozy might be the better word, and went to bed. As I lay there falling asleep, my last thoughts were "This feels like Nyquil" and "I wonder if I took too much?". But I knew if I expressed my concern to anyone about an overdosage it would be a trip to the hospital and stomach pumping, so I decided to just enjoy the sleep and hope for the best.

The night's sleep was excellent. I slept through the entire night without being woken up wheezing and gasping for breath as I had for the previous few days.

After that, I continued to take the mullein tea at night for a few days so I could sleep better while looking for other remedies to take during the day. I settled on wild cherry wood infusion for that yummy cyanide taste, also considered toxic but good as a spring tonic to drive out other toxins. When the cough got better I stopped taking the mullein seed tea.

So, there is my anecdotal evidence about the so-called toxicity of mullein seed. There was a definite tranquilizing or suppressant drug effect from the mullein seed and I am quite certain I took more than enough to be considered an overdose. Nevertheless, I harvested the rest of the seed from the stalk and saved them in my herb closet. I would take it again. It may only have covered up symptoms rather than help cure the problem, but sometimes a break in the symptoms can be welcome relief.

Harvesting Mullein Seed
The first time I used mullein seed, I just scraped the flower buds off the stock and used the plant material and seeds together. The next time I harvested mullein seed, I put the stalk over a piece of cotton cloth and let the seeds drop out over time.

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