Thoughts on The Meaning of Life And The Nature of Reality

The truth I can tell you is not the real truth.

The words I use can only mean what they mean to me, and cannot mean exactly the same thing to you.

All I can do is speak of images, of ideas, that may touch a part of your mind, that may awaken an understanding of a truth.

You may find your own path that truth.
There is more to you than what you think of as yourself, the person who thinks of you as "me".

You -- that person; "me" -- live in this dimension and in other dimensions as well.

You -- that person; "me" -- are one part of a being who exists in and across many dimensions.

You may or may not be aware of these other parts of yourself.

You may know of the other parts of yourself from your dreams.

Those parts of you that exist in other dimensions are conscious, self-aware beings, just as you are a conscious, self-aware being, who think of themselves as "me", also.

Like you, they may or may not be aware of the other parts of themselves in other dimensions -- you.

Like you, they may have a vague sense of your existence from their dreams.

What you think of as your subconscious is your sense of these other people who are a part of you and of whom you are a part.

Whether or not you are aware of the other persons who are a part of the total being that is you, they take part in your life and decisions that are made in your life.

You may do things based on decisions made by these people who are a part of you in other dimensions.

It may be that when you believe you are deciding something, that decision was already made in other dimensions by other beings who are an unknown part of what you think of as yourself.

You have free will, but some aspects of your life may already have been chosen by these other parts of you.

And you may be making decisions about them, about what they will do, unbeknownst to you, unbeknownst to them.

The people around you also exist in other forms in other dimensions.

The part of you that exist in other dimensions may know the parts of other people that exist in other dimensions. You may have have ongoing, different relations or interactions with them in those other dimensions.

You want to know where you came from, where you are going, what you should do and why.

You have to decide if you want to be a part of the swirling dance of the universe, or go your own way and do your own dance.

Where did you come from? You came from an idea, like everything else.

Where are you going? Eventually, back to oblivion, but that's not important. What matters is what you do while you're getting there.

What should you do? You should experience life as it appears to be. That is the purpose of life.

You are made of mind, there is no such thing as matter.

Just as you are made of an idea, so, too, is all that appears to be reality.

Pretend that it is real, and it will be real.

Experience life as it appears to be, and it will be so. That is what life wants of you.

You are the way that the conscious mind of the universe experiences itself.

Watch the red sun setting into the horizon. Smell fruits, flowers and spices. Remember them. Weave something. Listen to the sound of the wind soughing through the trees.

Ask your heart and mind to remember all that you have been and done.

What do I have to do to be a good person?

There are two things you have to do to be a good person and go to heaven (or live a good moral life and be at peace with yourself, if you do not believe in heaven, or "be saved", if that is how you phrase it). One is easy and the other is hard.

The first one is you have to be kind to others. That's easy. Most of us want to be kind to others anyway, and will be so if possible. Usually it is only the pressures of life -- we get hungry and cold and tired -- that drive us to be unkind. It is the impulse to be kind that leads (misguides) people to become vegetarians.

The hard one is that you have to forgive everyone who has ever harmed you. Forgive and forget as if it never happened. Every hurt or injustice you have ever suffered. Every emotional wound you have licked and loved and nurtured for years. Even if you are in the right and your transgressor is plainly in the wrong (but don't be so sure that there isn't another side to the story). Even when you were the innocent victim. *Especially* when you are the innocent victim. You will never get to heaven carrying a grudge. It will drag you back down to reincarnate in this physical dimension.

Is there any special thing/way I should eat to be a good person?

Don't eat animals that were raised or killed cruelly, but other than that, what you eat is a health, not a moral issue. Nature is red in tooth and claw. We have to eat to live and we have to kill to eat, vegetarians just the same as animalarians. That is the way this universe works. Plants are just as alive, and just as worthy of the life bestowed on them by their creator, as we are, and their lives are just as precious to them in their way as ours are to us. To only kill plant life in order to eat to live and spare animal life is to say that one form of life is superiour to the other. That is not for us to say. It may seem sad and cruel to us. Not for nothing is life in this dimension called a vale of tears. We have to assume that it will be made clear to us after we have left this world.

How Did We Get Here?

By evolution. Evolution is not what you have been taught, if you have been taught "Darwinist"-mutationism. Evolution is the coming together or co-operation of individual units to create a synergistic whole. This is how the hydrogen atoms created in the "Big Bang" ultimately became you: The simple definition of evolution is the progression from the simple to the complex. See The Octave of Evolution for a rough outline of my Theory of The Evolution of Everything By the Aggregation of Component Parts.

 Got Any Other Advice?

For fulfillment and being in touch with your humanity, look to the arts. And while there are many fine pieces of art in the world, while you are here, why not look at my drawings? In a way, they are like mantras. You cannot describe them in words. You can only let them speak to you non-verbally. Ultimately, to live a completely healthy lifestyle, you must find something within yourself that cannot be expressed or taught or communicated in words. Ultimately, I think the best advice for anyone on how to live is in the song "Row, row, row your boat" -- take it easy as you travel the stream of life and try to be happy, for this is all just a dream. Sapphire My Drawings Home Page
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