Enhance Mitochondria
Inactive mitochondria can cause fatigue, cold hands, brittle nails and stubborn fat that will not dissolve, even in starvation diets. This diet is intended to recommend foods that will feed your energy-generating mitochondria. If you are here because you are looking for a diet for other, medical mitochondrial conditions (dysautonomia) such as how to cure fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome etc., I must remind you (the disclaimer) that I am not a doctor and this page is for information purposes only and if acted upon is done so solely on the initiative of the reader.

  • Drink water. Keep the body hydrated. Water can be hot tea. Signs of dehydration are dry mouth on awakening, dizziness and erratic heart rate.
  • Take minerals. Keep the body alkalyzed. Minerals can be powdered dolomite, natural plant or wood ashes or edible clay.
  • Eat at least one serving of iron-rich protein per day. This can be liver, mackerel, herring (fish preferably wild-caught), fish eggs, brown meat on poultry, bone marrow or egg yolks.
  • Eat spinach
  • Eat green, leafy vegetables every day, cooked or cultured. Cook in water or bone broth at low temperatures. Can be lacto-fermented. Cooked leaves are better tolerated and used during mitochondrial crises, but check your journal to find out if raw, salad leaves are okay for you. 
  • Eat a variety of red, yellow, orange and purple vegetables.
  • Culture dairy (milk and cream), make yogurt or kefir or drink raw milk.
  • Eat seaweed or seaweed broth often.
  • Have bone broth made from meaty bones every day. Scrape the marrow into the broth while cooking. See Bone Broth.


Eliminate all processed, packaged foods. Eat only real food. Real food is stuff that comes out of the ground with green leaves growing out of it, or animals that eat said green leaves. Real food is NOT synthetic fat, white sugar and GM wheat stuffed with artificial cream-like substances called "kreme" chemically made to taste like the very nectar of the gods, no matter how much said substances reach the "bliss point" that our perfidious senses of what tastes "good" to us may tell us.
No grains except legacy, organic, non-GM, grown on mineral rich soil. For wheat that means only emmer, einkorn, spelt or kamut. No modern wheats, no matter how "organic" or healthy the label makes them sound. All modern wheat is deficient in minerals and over-loaded with gluten.
Don't eat if you don't feel hungry. Digestion takes energy. If you only have enough energy to eat a thumbnail-sized piece of food at a time, then eat that.
Avoid artificial chemicals.
Avoid fluoridated water
Drink as little liquids with meals as possible. (Small quarter-cup of hot soup or broth is okay.) Drink liquids separately.


Eat slower.
Chew more.
Wait until you've been hungry for a while before eating.
Drink liquids separately, by themselves, during the rest of the day rather than with meals. It is better not to put ice in them.
If you have trouble digesting any food, take an appropriate digestive enzyme with it, eliminate it or go on a fast.


Co-Q 10. Dosage can be as much as you like and your budget allows, but start low and go slow. Start with a small amount and increase dosage until you get to something that feels right for  you. Also, taper off slowly if you stop or reduce co-Q.
Vitamin E
Iron. Take an iron supplement such as ferrous sulfate if bowel movements are yellow or yellow-brown. Stop taking iron supplement if bowel movements are black (But check your journal. If it indicates a correlation between taking iron and an improvement in breathlessness or heart rate, keep taking the iron.)
Continue to eat iron-rich foods every day. If the body needs iron, it will send some enzymes down to the digestive tract to transport it where it is needed. Take iron with Vitamin C.
Cod Liver Oil
Vitamin C
Minerals Take 1-4 tablespoons of various mixed minerals from natural sources. See Minerals
Clay - 1/2 to a teaspoon of edible clay (French green or red desert) per day to help with detox. Amount can be subtracted from the amount of minerals needed to be taken.
Magnesium. Include some magnesium in the mixed minerals. See Magnesium
Sulfur - it's hard to find sulfur supplements for some reason. Get sublimed sulfur if you can, or flowers of sulfur as it may be called. If you take Epsom salts (bath or garden grade, not food or medical grade) as your source of magnesium, that can supply sulfur. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate.
Phosphate - is hard to find as a supplement. Take bone meal instead, but balance the excess calcium by taking magnesium.
(Epsom salts and bonemeal together will supply magnesium, sulfur and phosphate, though it will taste bad and be difficult to swallow. You may want to look into getting empty gelatin capsules and packing it into those.)
Digestive aids such as bromelain or papain may help. Take with meals or with food best digested with the particular enzyme.

These have been shown to be beneficial in the short term and  for body-building, but are prohibitively expensive for most people and can be gotten in their natural form from the foods recommended in the Diet above. Carnitine can also be obtained by supplementing nutritional yeast. Creatine is created in our own bodies.

 Keep A Journal 

Keep track of what you eat and how you feel in a journal to find out which foods are helping you and which are causing you problems, and base your ongoing decisions on that. If your journal tells you that you are getting negative feedback (cold sweat, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, nausea etc.) after eating, reduce the quantity of food you eat at one time, even to the point of eating a serving the size of teaspoon of only one food item, if that is what it takes to be able to eat something and digest it comfortably. Wait until what you have eaten is digested and you are starting to feel hungry again before eating the next small item of food. Make sure food is chewed well and warmed in the mouth before swallowing.

 Digestion Difficulties 

Mitochondrial deficiency can affect people differently. If you are low in the enzymes needed to digest a particular food, it will be much harder for you to eat that food than for other people. If you have diarrhea, consider it a message from your mitochondria that they cannot handle the food they are trying to process. Check your journal to find out (guess by a process of elimination) which food is causing the problem/allergic reaction and eliminate it. Common sensitivities are wheat and milk.

Lifestyle Choices
  • Get as much sleep as you can in a darkened room. Cover your eyes until you can't reduce the light any more.
  • Engage in light, rhythmic exercise such as yoga if it is comfortable. Do not over-exert yourself if it is too difficult for you. Wait till you feel like moving around before doing so.
  • Start your day with a cup of hot water, flavored as you like.
  • Stay warm. Mitochondrial deficiencies make it difficult for the body to maintain its temperature. Add extra layers of clothing if necessary.
  • Breathe deeply in the fresh air and sunshine.

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