Make Cream Cheese and Whey

To make cream cheese and whey, start by making a clabbered dairy. To make clabbered dairy, mix a culturing agent such as kefir grains or previously clabbered dairy with whole milk or cream. If you use raw milk, you can just let the raw milk sit on a counter until it clabbers naturally by itself. Cover with an airlock and let sit in a warm or room temperature place. Many people like to to use the top of the refrigerator for this. Make kefir by adding kefir grains to whole milk. A kombucha scoby dropped into pasteurized whole milk for a day or some shavings from any raw, unpasteurized cheese will also work to clabber milk or cream.

Once you have clabbered or cultured a milk or cream, use this to make the cream cheese and whey. Set some aside to use as the clabbering agent the next time you make cream cheese and whey.

To make the cream cheese, proceed as follows:

Let the clabbered milk or cream sit, covered in an airlock, until it separates into easily identifiable sections fo clabber and whey. When it is done to the point that it begins to form pockets of whey within the milk, it is ready to be separated into curds and whey.

If using kefir, r
emove the grains from the jar. (Save the grains for another batch.)

Strain the clabbered milk or cream through a cotton flannel
jelly bag (UK) or fine sieve.

The cream cheese is what is left on top in the filter or jelly bag. 

and the whey is what is left at the bottom. 

Store the cream cheese and whey separately in glass jars. Cream cheese made from clabbered dairy will last a few weeks to a month in the refrigerator.

 What to do with 

Cream cheese

Eat it as a side dish with a little sea salt, a splash of soy sauce or dollop of marmite.
Put on top of a serving of sauerkraut or pickles.
Spread on toast with a drizzle of olive oil.
Arabs make a dried cultured cream cheese called lebnah that they dry in the desert heat and then use reconstituted with water in other dishes.

Some people like to use whey to start a lacto-fermentation such as sauerkraut or
sourdough bread.
Add a tablespoon to a glass of water to help with digestion. Sip throughout the day. Add lemon juice for flavor if desired.
Use it to culture more milk or cream.
Pour on the garden to boost the soil microbes.
Feed it to domestic farm animals.

Goats Produce Too! The Udder Real Thing Volume II Cheese Making & more by Mary Jane Toth. It includes pasteurization in its recipes, but you don't have to pasteurize, except for the mozzarella and yogurt. Mozzarella has to be heated to 100F make it stretchy. All the others can be made with raw milk and skip the pasteurization.
The Untold Story of Milk  by Ron Shmid. This book has the complete story of milk production and sales in the US, along with the reasons why it is better to drink it raw.
Keeping A Family Cow   by Joann S. Grohman

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