living a Healthy Way of Life
Eat a healthy diet. See Healthy Eating

You should be able to breathe easy, full breaths. If you have any breathing blockage, either during the day or while sleeping, practice jala neti (saline nasal irrigation). After you have used it for a while and are comfortable with it, you can try adding small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, iodine or kefir whey to your neti pot, all of which will help keep you breathing passages clear. Breathing exercise: you should spend more time breathing out than breathing into help keep your lungs clear. This has to be done intentionally, as normally you will spend more time breathing in and less breathing out. So, think about what you're doing, take a deep breath, count while breathing in. Hold it for a few seconds, then breathe out, counting to a number at least 1 1/2 times greater than the number spend breathing in. While you are breathing in, your stomach should go out, not your shoulders.

Cleaning things
Avoid chloride bleach as it is highly toxic. If you want to clean and disinfectant something, use hydrogen peroxide.See Cleaning Stuff

Cooking and food preparation:
Don't put food in aluminum or metals. Cook in baked enamel, glass, pyrex or seasoned cast iron, or wrap in leaves and cook directly on wood fire. Use your own pyrex or baked enamel bowl/ insert in any slow cooker/crockpot you use unless you are positively sure that there is no lead in the glaze. Get a sturdy pair of metal kitchen scissor to cut up many of the raw foods mentioned here. (See Cookware)

If you eat sugar (not recommended
, except as kombucha or in other fermented beverages), drink a live, fermented product with it. See Ale, Kombucha

Make your own lard-based hand and body lotion and use it as a wash. Limit the amount of soap and water you expose your skin to. Water does not moisturize your skin. Water dries your skin out. It is fat (lard) that moisturizes, either eating fats or applying it directly to your skin or both. Brush your skin when dry with a loofah or bristle brush to clear away dead cells. See Cosmetics.

NO: aerobic, running, endurance, anything that makes the heart pump faster
YES: bicycle, yoga, gardening, walking the dog, body inversion, stretching, gymnastics
MAYBE: weight-lifting

I do not recommend "working out", aerobic or "cardio-vascular" exercise like jogging or anything that forces your heart to beat faster when you don't need to. It doesn't get you anything, it is not necessary for weight loss and you put your life at risk. (The guy the "marathon" was named for ran 26 miles, informed the Greeks that they had won and then dropped dead. What was the point? They would still have won if they found out the next day.)

I recommend muscle stretching exercises such as yoga and body inversion that puts your legs above your heart and anything that keeps your muscles flexible and mobile such as gymnastics.

If you feel you are unable to do any exercise at all, you can still lie with your feet up against the wall or lie on the floor with your legs over the bed for half an hour, or lying down in bed grab hold of one foot and draw it to your head until you feel a strain and then hold it there for as long as you can, aiming to go a little further and hold it a little longer every day.

To avoid heavy metal toxicity, filter your water and avoid amalgam fillings and pharmaceutical drugs (especially vaccines). However, if you already have amalgam fillings, it may be better to leave them alone.
Put a couple drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ears whenever you feel a cold coming on. Lie on one side for a few minutes to let it seep in, then turn over to let it drain out. See How To Not Get Sick

Home heating:
If you can, be warmed by a wood stove, fireplace or other source of radiant (directional) heat (something that glows red). This is the healthiest form of heat. But stay warm as much as possible.

Avoid deodorants with aluminum in them. Use cornstarch or don't use deodorants at all; wash or change undershirts as necessary.
Put a step stool in front of toilet so that knees are pressed against abdomen when moving bowels.

Sleep on as firm or hard a surface as you can, a hard floor, or a pile of rugs on the floor. Make sure you are warm. Wear mittens, socks and a hat and earcovers. Make a balaclava to wear to bed. You will sleep better and more melatonin will be produced if it is darker. If you can't black out the window, cover your eyes with black cloth that will keep out the light. Go to sleep by 10 PM. Take a melatonin supplement if you cannot get to sleep easily.

Tooth care
Use a soft bristle brush. If your teeth are sensitive, you are wearing down the enamel, either by brushing or chewing. Yes, I know toothbrushing and chewing is good for you, but it wears down tooth enamel. Toothpaste is not essential. Use coconut oil to help maintain healthy gums. Use a toothpick or floss. If your teeth are sensitive, you will have to try to find some compromise like using toothpicks and making softer food. Leave your sauerkraut to ferment longer so it will get softer and you don't need to chew as much.

The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating  by Fergus Henderson. A little bit heavy with the sugar, but it help explain the mysteries of some types of food preparation.
Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival
This book talks about the circadian rhythms and how sleep plays a major role in your state of health.
The Yoga of Eating  by Charles Eisenstein

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