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Notes on using Kindle for beginners or those considering purchasing a Kindle:
Other than read ebooks, the thing I use my kindle for the most is reading long web pages that I have found on the web that I want to read but don't have the time to read. I send them to my kindle (free), and then I can read them at my leisure when I away from the computer, usually lying down and relaxing. This is especially useful if I am only looking for one small piece of information because the kindle's search  function is better than the web page search function. Kindle search will show you all the instances of the term you were looking for, in their context with a few sentences around them. It's more like a google search with snippets than an Edit >> Find search.
What do I have to do to make sure I don't inadvertantly spend any money while I'm trying to figure out how to work my new kindle?

To avoid incurring any document delivery charges:

In the US:
Go to: http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle
Scroll down to "Your Personal Document Charge Limit" Change the limit to 0.00 and click "update limit".

In the UK:
Go to:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/manageyourkindle
Scroll down to "Your Personal Document Charge Limit" Change the limit to 0.00 and click "update limit".

To avoid buying something:

Do not set up "1 click ordering". If you have already done so, you may be able to disable it by deleting your credit card number. Otherwise, be careful where you click when you're looking at ebooks, because there is no "Are you sure you want to buy this?" screen on a kindle ebook purchase. If you do accidentally purchase an ebook, there is an "Oops, this was a mistake" button you can click on.  If that fails, email customer service.

How does Kindle email work?
Kindle email isn't like real email. You can only use it to send attachments to yourself. If you put any notes or text into the body of the email, they disappear. You cannot go to your Kindle mail box, or send a reply to someone. To see documents that you've sent to yourself you push the home button. It will appear there, but if you're looking for recent arrivals you will have to have set the sort order to Recent Items, and I prefer the alphabetical sort order which they call Title. You can also use Home >> Menu >> Sync and look for new items, although so far everything I've sent to myself has just appeared miraculously on the screen I see when pressing the Home button after I enabled a wi-fi network. Perhaps the sync and look action just turns on the wi-fi if you had it off.

To get your kindle email and the personal documents you send to yourself, you have to have wi-fi enabled and be in a spot where it is available. You have already selected "Set Charge Limit" to zero so it won't come in via 3G. They say in their sales literature that if you pay the extra for the 3G you won't need to set up anything and you are good to go as soon as you turn it on. That is true, but there are things you will only get via 3G if you pay for them. If you want them free, you will still have to set up your wi-fi, a process that is not without its frustrations but other people have lived through it.

You can send yourself a document by emailing your free kindle address ([yourname]@free.kindle.com) and sending the document as an attachment.

3G is free to browse the internet online, but is chargeable to the kindle owner to receive downloads, either books purchased or files sent to your kindle.

Wi fi is free to receive downloads, either ebooks or files sent to your kindle, but is chargeable to someone to browse the internet.

Using the web
You can click through hot links either from a file on your kindle or a page on the web, but not if they have been set to open in a pop-up window. The browzer does not allow multiple windows.

Free E-books
There are many kindle books that are available for free from the Kindle store. Just go to the store, browse thru and click on it just like would to buy it. Confirm your address, even though they are sending it to your kindle, and they send it to your kindle. The only "catch", if so it can be called, is that the free books are interspersed with pay-for books, and as you surf through looking for something interesting, they will show you various books for sale that you would love to read and would be really tempted because, after all, it's only a few dollars.

5-way button
There are 4 ways and a combination click/enter function in the 5way button. They do different things when you press and hold than when you just click. I think Amazon tells you somewhere which they are, but you learn by a process of osmosis how long to hold the button down for a particular desired outcome. I can't remember any specific one, but I know I was learning the correct length of time very quickly without actually memorizing or being aware of it. I wouldn't bother trying to read and learn the instructions on how many seconds to hold each one down -- trial and error will probably be faster.

The Amazon kindle instructions I read say you can send pdfs to  your kindle and they will be converted to kindle format, if you put the word "convert" in the subject line, but when I sent a pdf to myself, it was unable to convert it and all I got was an email notifying me of the fact that it was an unacceptable file type. However, when I transferred it via the USB connection, the kindle was able to read and open and read it as a pdf and I didn't need to convert it to the kindle format. However, as a pdf, it didn't have the same functionality for highlighting and notes that the kindle format files have.

How to get the latest edition of  an ebook you have already purchased.
Go to:
Sign in with your Amazon account if necessary.
(Go to the link again if they send you to a different page.)
Click on  "Your Account"
In the subject line of the "Or, ask your question here" box put: "PLEASE RUN ASIN UPDATER TOOL"
In the text box put:

Could you please manually send the updated content of my ebook B00XXXXXXX to my device, [devicename], at [emailname@Kindle.com]?

I am aware that once the new content is received, features such as Highlights, Last Page Read and Bookmarks will be removed and the locations of notes may not match in the updated copy.

Thank you very much"

Click on Send Message

This may have to be repeated if the customer representative does not wish to run the tool and refers you to another page, or they may want to let you know that Amazon is aware of the need for an automatic customer-operated ASIN updater and its software engineers are working diligently on the problem night and day and its delay and lack of an Amazon-based help page explaining how to get an ebook updated and the fact that the only information resource is through other customers has nothing to do with the fact that big print publishers hate and despise ebooks and do not want to have yet another bit of functionality added to ebooks that makes them even more useful than paper editions, especially when they are stuck with outdated paper books still sitting on shelves in bookstores when the ebook can be updated at any time.

Kindle 3G in U.S.

Kindle 3G in U.K.

Free E-books


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