Set Up A Nourishing Home Quickly
How To Start A Nourishing Household When You Don't Have Time

Do you have enough money to eat nourishing foods, but don't know where to start and don't have enough time if you did? These are suggestions of where to start and what to prioritize, and what to buy.

Eat a fermented vegetable with every meal. That doesn't mean canned or vinegar-pickled. You need a raw, lacto-fermented vegetable, like sauerkraut or pickles, not the canned sauerkraut or pickles you would normally buy. You can sometimes buy raw sauerkraut or kimchi. If a pickled vegetable is really real, the instructions on the jar will say to open the jar carefully over the sink as contents may explode, or something like that. This is the good stuff. If you can't find a raw sauerkraut or pickles anywhere (and you don't have the time make your own) buy organic pickles or sauerkraut in a glass jar and "re-raw" them as follows: chop up an onion, slice a cucumber and/or peel and chop an apple and add it to the jar, add some sea salt to taste, put the cover back on but do not tighten it so that air cannot get out, leave it somewhere that it is safe for it to foam over, such as in the sink or bathtub or outside, let it sit at room temperature for 3 days or until the onion becomes soft and then refrigerate. Eat a fermented pickle with every meal.

Raw Milk
Locate a raw milk source and drive there once a week after work. (Locate raw milk by either finding it online at or, if they don't list anything near enough to you, ask at your health food store.  They will usually know what's available in your area, if they don't carry it themselves.) Go there and get raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese. If it's more than a half hour's drive or more than you care to drive, ask them if they know anyone from your area that would like to form a milk run pool. If you can't get to a health food store, try a local chapter of the WAP Foundation.

If you positively cannot get real milk anywhere, buy pasteurized whole milk that tells you what kind of cow it's from on the bottle. It doesn't matter what kind of cow it is, but if they are proud of their cows, they are less likely to be making low-quality milk with chemical stimulators. Even if you don't drink milk as a beverage, you should cuture it and eat it as a food. Pour the milk into glass jars, add a culturing agent such as yogurt, sour cream or other cold milk culture, cover loosely and let it set on the counter at room temperature. After it clabbers (turns thick) put in refrigerator and then use it as a substitute for mayonnaise, cream cheese or cheese.
Grass-fed Meat
Buy a freezer
Buy half a pig and 1/4 cow, organic and pastured, butchered into serving portions, and put in freezer. If organic pastured is not available, then from local farm-raised animals.

Fruit and Veg

If you have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) scheme in your area, join it. Otherwise, go to the nearest health food store. Ask if they offer veg boxes, raw milk or farm eggs there. Buy them there if they do and ask where you can get them if they don't. (And while you're there, buy a good salt such as fine-grain Celtic sea salt, Himalayan crystal salt, Herbamare or the most expensive salt they have.)

Pastured Eggs
Ask at the health food store where you can get farm eggs, if they don't carry them. Farm eggs from an actual farm are better than those labelled "free-range organic". Eat at least 1 farm egg a day, any way you like it.

Buy kombucha, a few bottles a week, if you cannot make your own. Drink a few ounces a day. To make your own you can use bottled kombucha and mix with sweet tea. If you cannot get bottled kombucha, you can start a kombucha with a raw vinegar like Braggs Apple Cider. If that is still too complex, just buy the raw apple cider vinegar and mix a tablespoon with a glass of water and drink several glasses a day.

You can buy bone meal and dolomite tablets, but remember it takes a lot of tablets to get enough minerals. Mix edible with beverages and drink that to increase mineral intake.  Also get some kind of magnesium, which is usually deficient in most diets or mineral supplements. Magnesium citrate is the best.. Put a spoonful of kelp powder into soups or meatloaves for iodine.

Animals Fats
Buy it from a conventional supermarket (unless you can find it at a health, organic or local farm store): tallow, lard or some kind of animal fat that doesn't contain BHT. Buy salmon and oysters at the fish department.

Bone broth
Unless you can find a source for bone broth, you probably have to make your own. Save gelatin, fat, bones and skin from whole chickens and vegetable scraps like onion, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. Also any good quality meat or vegetable leftovers. Put in plastic ziploc bags and put in freezer. When you have a gallon ziploc bag full, dump it in a crockpot of water with some salt, pepper and garlic. Cover and set on low. Sometime the following day or when you have time, turn it off, let it cool and then strain out the liquid. Freeze the liquid in small plastic containers. Drink a cup a day, or use a cup a day (per person eating) in your cooking.

Other Foods to Get:
Shopping list: organic brown rice, butter (NO margarine or vegetable fats), sour cream. Either give up bread entirely, it's not necessary for a nourishing diet, or buy heritage grain bread (made from emmer, einkorn, kamut or spelt flour) preferably sourdough or sprouted grain bread at the health food store (no soy in the ingredients).

Buy a set of baked enamel cookware   and a couple slow cookers.Throw out any aluminum cookware you have.Don't use a pressure cooker.

Grocery List From The Health Food Store
Many of these suggestions start with a trip to your nearest Health Food Store to either buy something there or ask where you can find it. While you are there, you may want to buy any of the following which can be bought and are easier to buy than make:

Green tea
Organic soy sauce
Whole grain pasta
Whole sprouted grain bread (no soy)
Raw vinegar or Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (may be able to find in the green section of a regular supermarket)
Sea salt
Whole milk yogurt

(in the U.S.)

(in the U.K.)

To find a wide variety of products used in making nourishing foods and natural medicine that can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

The Yoga of Eating  by Charles Eisenstein
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

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