Using Internet Explorer to Write HTML
How to Use Internet Explorer as a Hand Coder to Write or Edit HTML text.

If you want to start by creating an html file by hand coding and don't already have an html file that you want to edit, create a text file by navigating to the directory or folder in which you want to place the file, RIGHT-click in the background area of that folder and select New >> Text document

This will cause a new text document to be created in the folder or directory you had right-clicked on..

Right-click on the new text document and select "Rename".

Type in the name of the file you want to create and make the extension (after the filename) ".html". Windows may give you a warning about changing filenames and ask if you are sure you want to change it. Select Yes. This will change the file to an html file and after you move the cursor away from the file you will see it change its icon to reflect this.

Double-click on this file to open it in Windows' Internet Explorer.

If you already have an html file you want to edit, open it by double-clicking on the file whereever it is on your hard drive, disk or external memory stick. This will cause it to open in Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, click on [File] in the far left menu bar. You can also open Internet Explorer by itself by launching it from Start or an icon on your desktop, and then find and open the file you wish to edit  by clicking on File >> Open and Browze to find your file. When you have opened the file you want whose html you want to edit:

Click on [File]

And then click on  [Edit with Notepad]

This will open up a Notepad window with all the html text code in it. You will have to remember the text that you want to edit because you will have to find it in the text file that opens up. To search for it,.

Click on [Edit] and then select [Find] in the Notepad window.

And then type the text you want to find in the [Find what] text input box:

And click on [Find Next] until you get to the text you want. Type or delete text to edit.

To close and save any changes made, click on [File] and then [Save].

To see the changes you made using Internet Explorer, click on the "Refresh" icon in the menu bar or F5 key on the keyboard.

And then click on [File] [Exit]

This is good for minor edits such as a misspelling that you want to correct without having to open up the html editor.


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