Pie Crust
Throughout my life, I could never make pie crusts successfully and consistently and was very frustrated with it and made cakes instead.

One day, after about 50 years of baking cakes, I realized the main reason I had a problem with pie crusts was because whenever I went looking for instructions on crust making, I always ended up reading text on how to make perfect pie crust, or flaky pie crust, or "the perfect, flaky pie crust". I decided to stop trying to reach this "perfect" bar that I was unable to reach and just settle for "good enough".

Now, when I make pie crust, I just mix the flour (heritage grain such as emmer, einkorn or kamut). and fat (butter and lard) in a ratio of approximately 2 parts flour to 1 part fat, but I measure by eye and it's influenced by what I have on hand. I smush the fat into the flour by hand or fork. I don't care what temperature my hands are (I like them warm). I add enough cold water (straight from the tap -- not ice water) so it will stick together. However much water it takes to easily make it into a ball. Yes, it turns sticky and pasty but I don't care coz I just add enough more flour to roll it out when it's time to roll it. Sometimes I store it in the fridge, sometimes I don't.

I have found that I can get a pie crust that is 90% of perfect with 10% of the effort. Now, besides dessert pies, I also make meat pies for supper and jam tarts for tea. Pies, pies, pies. My family loves them. What they lack in not being perfect and flaky they make up for in being the pies that are set in front of them to eat and enjoy.

So, while this may be heresy to Women Who Make Perfect Pies, I have found that "good-enough" pie crust that I can make is better than perfect pie crust that I can't.

Good-enough pie crust:

2 cups flour
1 cup fat made up of butter, lard, tallow or virgin coconut oil but NOT vegetable shortening that is solid at room temperature and, of course, NOT liquid vegetable oil
pinch of salt
spoonful of sugar
teeny-tiny micro-pinch of cinnamon, not enough to you can taste it, this is a "secret ingredient"

Smush the fat, flour, salt, sugar and cinnamon together with a fork until they are as blended as they're going to be.
Add cold water and mix with a fork. Start with a small amount of water and then add more water until all the flour holds together in a ball.
Flour a flat surface and put the dough ball on it.
Put more flour on top of the dough and on a rolling pin.
Roll the dough into 1/8-1/4 inch thickness depending on what type of pastry you want. Add more flour if necessary to keep rolling smoothly.
Put the pastry into a pie plate and cut off the edges, or cut the dough into the shape you want and put it into the bowl or container you are going to use to bake it.
Use any of the cut off pieces to patch up any holes or tears in the rolled dough. You can use a little water to paste the pieces together if they need it.

Take extra full-array mixed minerals from a natural source (such as edible clay) to compensate for the lack of minerals in grains and also eat some food with live pro-biotics such as un-pasteurized yogurt or kefir to aid in digestion.


Rodale's Basic Natural Foods Cookbook
The Great Cholesterol Con by Anthony Colpo
Cook's Illustrated Make-Ahead Cookbook Uses real ingredients and has lots of side dishes that can be made ahead of time. Where a particular ingredient isn't the most nutrient-dense food available, it can be easily substituted.
Cooking with Coconut Flour  by Bruce Fife  For those who believe they are allergic to gluten, or who want to avoid grains

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