How To Filet A Fish By Hand
You will get more meat if you filet a fish by hand rather than using a knife or having a fish seller do it for you. Also, it will be easier to barter with fisherman if you don't have to rely on them to clean large fish, and you'll be able to save the liver.

After you filet your fish by hand, make fish-head soup with the head and skeleton. Cut off fish head with sharp kitchen scissors.

cut off tail and fins

Put scissors into stomach and cut to end of fish

Open fish under running water and push out insides. Look for the liver, an inch-long piece of squiggly stuff that looks like a long, thin,pale piece of liver. Cut it out and save it to eat. Small though it be, it is delicious and nutritious. I put mine briefly into hot lard in which I cook mushrooms and garlic.

Put scissors into fish at top of body and cut to the back.
Put hands into fish at point where skeleton meats flesh and push back flesh while simultaneously pulling out skeleton. This is easier to do if fish has been frozen first and then allowed to thaw. You may want to try that until you are familiar with the practice. Eventually, you should be able to pull out the skeleton like a cartoon cat eating a fish.

See Video for a demonstration of the procedure of pulling the skeleton out of the fish..


There are many recipes for preparing your fish, filet, but none are better than frying it in a pan in lard and butter and serving with a wedge of lemon.

The Fish That We Eat by Anore Jones. (This is a link to a pdf document that contains the entire 345-page book.).
The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating  by Fergus Henderson. A little bit too heavy with the sugar, but it helps explain the mysteries of some types of food preparation. Eliminate the sugar or substitute honey or sucanat.
Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice This is a good book if you like learning about indigenous customs and following natural cycles. Includes using coconut oil, a rootbeer recipe that calls for only 2 tablespoons of sassafras and easy and delicious corn fritters

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