Conclusions About Fermenting Mediums
I harvested wild yeast from the air using different mediums, to find out which would work the best. These are the conclusions from that experiment. The results for each day can be found at these pages:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Days 7 & 8 | Day 9 | Day 10
My main conclusion is that you can harvest and grow wild yeast in just about anything, anywhere, and the only thing that would prevent you from being able to do it is not believing you can do it. We are so removed from these simple, basic skills of the past that it seems like it must be a complex ritual, when it is actually simple and straightforward and, as the song goes, "There's really nothing to it, all you gotta do is do it."
Kefir grains in apple juice
Fermented on day 6. Carbonated and made a pleasant, if unremarkable, carbonated beverage. I removed the kefir grains and used an ounce of the kefir grain-fermented apple juice to start another ferment.
2. Raisins, apple peels and lemon. 
Took 2 days to form a wild yeast ferment. Be sure all fruit is kept pushed down under the water so it doesn't form mold.
Kahm-covered oak leaves
Took 1 day to ferment into a strong culture, however, I diluted the liquid and started another culture because it tasted like sauerkraut.
Potato water
Cook potatoes in a baked enamel or pyrex saucepan. Do not use metal. Potato water cooked in a metal pressure cooker did not produce a ferment. Raw potatoes pureed in water in blender produce a better ferment than cooked potatoes.
Took a long time to show signs of fermentation but eventually began to ferment. My kvass was originally made with kefir whey so I don't know if the yeast came from the kefir or the air.
6   Malt extract
Mixed with water, it produced an excellent malt beverage with lots of fizz and a good foam on top.

The malt extract I used had already had a stuck fermentation when I began, but I think it took about a week.
7.  Peaches
Took 6 days to ferment into an active wild yeast ferment. Use soft ripe peaches, one with bruises that are starting to go brown are best. Because it was peaches, I was able to drink it immediately, or I could have used it in a fruit wine without having to dilute it to extract the yeast but not the medium.

I put the peaches into one of my sauerkrauts, drank most of the ferment and then made another bottle with a small amount of what was left..
Moldy Hay
Began to ferment almost immediately, but took more time because I threw away most of liquid when I strained out the hay and started another ferment. I threw the hay into the compost pile and started a new ferment with some of the liquid as inocculant.
Dandelion Flowers
Took 5 days to begin a ferment. I put the fermented flowers into a sauerkraut jar (yet another use for the everything-edible dandelion) and made another fermented beverage. I am thinking of using the dandelion ferment and the moldy hay ferment mixed as my house brew, as it sounds like fun to know exactly where the yeast I am using has come from.
10  Dirt
A spoonful of dirt from your own backyard will provide you with all the airborne yeast you need. It's up to you if you want to use it. Think "our earth, our cure". After it has begun fermenting, you can drain off the water and use that to make another ferment until all the soil has been diluted away.
11.  Stale, moldy bread
Put some stale bread in a glass of water and waited until it got moldy. Can take a few days to a week depending on conditions. After it has mold on the top of it, carefully drain the water out from the bottom and add sugar syrup to it. Cover with a breathable cloth and let set for a day and it will be a yeast starter.

Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.
Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Harr Buhner
Truly Cultured Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community With Naturally Fermented Foods by Nancy Bentley

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