Fermenters -- Day 1

How did these attempts to harvest wild yeast actually do? After I set up the jars for the photo shoot, I decided to see how they do compared to each other. This series follows their progress from Day 1 to Day 10 and then my conclusions.

Here is how they are coming along after 1 day:

1. The first one on the left is kefir grains. I said (on Wild Yeast Harvesting) to put them in apple juice, but in actuality I didn't have any apple juice at the time I took the picture, so they're just in sugar water made with dark, invert sugar syrup to match the color of apple juice for the photo. There's no fermentation activity in the kefir grains jar as of day +1.

2. Second from the left is the raisins, apple peel and a lemon wedge. No activity.

3. Third from the left is the kahm-covered oak leaves from a jar of finished sauerkraut. The winner. Not only were they fermenting enough that I could see the tiny bubbles, I could hear it fizzing away. So if you want a sure way of making an airborne yeast starter, make sauerkraut first and use leaves to hold the shredded vegetables down under the brine. Of course, I ferment my sauerkraut for a month, so this isn't the fastest way to get a starter going if you're in a hurry.

4. Fourth from the left is the potato water. This is actual potato water that I had cooked potatoes in, though there were several other vegetables in the pot at the time, but I don't think they will have an effect one way or another. The little smudgy thing in the jar is a piece of cooked potato that I put in so I could remember what was in the jar. I didn't do anything special to it like add raisins or grapes to get yeast like I suggested on the wild yeast page; I just mixed it up, put it in the bowl, took its picture and then poured it into the jar. No activity.

5. The second from the end is some kvass I had made with kefir whey. That is starting to form some white scum at the top so I have to keep shaking it whenever I open the cupboard, but otherwise no fermentation activity.

6. The last jar is some malt extract mixed half and half with water that I had made a week ago to illustrate how to mix malt extract with water to make it easier to use. The mixed water and malt extract had foam on top probably indicating what would be called a "stuck fermentation". It had fermented for a while after I added water, but then stopped because the concentration of sugar was too high. The yeast is alive, but dormant. So I decided to include it in the lineup. It had probably been about a week since I had mixed the malt extract with water.
Not pictured here:

Sourdough batter liquid. That was an old photo I used on Wild Yeast Harvesting, so I didn't actually have any sourdough batter liquid to work with. I have done this before, however, and it would ferment immediately. But I start my sourdough batter with kefir whey so it really is just a test of kefir whey.

Wild yeast on wild fruit. No mature wild fruit around here in early May. I have added fuzzy, yeast-covered fruits to my wine starters in the past before and they worked fine, but I also added lots of other yeast sources, too.

Grapes. Didn't have any grapes when I made the page.

Peaches. Didn't have any peaches when I made the page, but will try to get some.

Hard cider. There's no apple orchards here in England around where I am now that sell cider, so I can't try this. Next time I'm back in Connecticut, I should try to make a ferment with their excellent apple cider. It shouldn't be a problem, as usually the problem is to get it home and in the fridge as fast as possible so it doesn't start to ferment, or "go bad", as we would call it back then.

Moldy hay, bird droppings, feathers, insects and soil. I haven't ever used any of these as a source for wild yeast, but I'm tempted to try the soil and see what happens. I don't know if I would be tempted to drink anything fermented with dirt, but I guess we eat a pound of dirt in our lives so why not.

Wild Fermentation
by Sandor Katz.
Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Harr Buhner
Truly Cultured Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community With Naturally Fermented Foods by Nancy Bentley

How different fermenting mediums actually did to produce a wild yeast ferment:
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Yeast for Brewing
Enamal Pot
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Jars, Half Gal. Glass
Sucanat (sugar)
Yeast for Baking


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