Edible Leaves and Flowers
In most cases, if the fruit of a plant is edible, then so are the leaves and flowers.  Many other flowers and leaves are edible as well. This is only a brief list.
Borage Said to be good for strength and courage. These beautiful flowers brighten up any plate.
Lemon balm leaves Lemon balm is a type of mint and all mint leaves are edible raw, but lemon balm is supposed to be good for mental acuity, plus it is a favorite plant of bees, also known as bee balm, so  you should plant some somewhere if you don't have some around. Recipe for lemon balm salad: Steam or cook fish, let cool. Remove flesh from bones and cover with ev olive oil. Chop garlic and shread lemon balm leaves and put in lemon juice. Mix together and add salt to taste.

Tree Leaves
Oak -- soak green leaves in water for a day, discard water and soak again for another day for a beverage or heat for tea.
-- young leaves in spring are edible raw in salads

http://lowmoonglowing.googlepages.com/quinceflowers_small.gifChaenemoles japonica, or quince bush. These flowers have the unmistakable flavor of bitter almond, which the gov't and med establishment say is poison and some people call laetrile and take for cancer. Apple flowers would have the same controversy. Eat if you eat apricot pits to prevent cancer, don't eat if you trust the govt and med establishment.

•  Dandelions can be eaten raw. Like many flowers, they are bland to tasteless. Their value is being local, organic and free. You can make a dandelion pickle that will taste even better. Fill a jar with dandelions, add chopped chives if they grow in your area or a chopped garlic clove and some onions slices, hot pepper if you are so inclined. Cover with a salt brine made of 12 teaspoon full-array salt to each pint of water. Cover with a cloth and leave on a sunny windowsill for a week and then cover with an airlock and let mature for another 3 weeks to a month.

Clover Eat raw, make into a tea or add to sauerkraut or other pickles

• Nettles  Fill up your plate with steamed greens.
Plantago plantain This is a weed you may have played with as a child. It has a small seed bunch at the end. You wrap the stalk of the plant around itself, pull back on it and the seed bunch will shoot off it a couple inches. The seeds are edible. Grind them in  a blender for a medicinal-sized source of fiber or let them dry and blow the husks off and mix with water to cook into a flat bread.
Sorrel tart if eaten raw
Comfrey simmer the leaves with onions and/or cabbage for more greens

Go to my customized Search on Health Topics page and do a search using the search phrase (without the quotation marks): " flowers OR leaves +edible " to learn about more.


The Forager's Harvest A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants by Sam Thayer. What's good about this book is that the author tells about things from his own experience, not cut and pasting or rephrasing what other people have written.
The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine   by Peter Gail 
Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour.  Has a recipe for honey mead
The Encyclopedia of Country Living

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