Eating Less

To lose weight without losing your health you need to eat less of a normal, healthy diet. To guage how much less, you should feel hungry 6 hours a day. This is similar to
intermittent fasting except that with using a "time felt being hungry" standard you will continue to less and less as your body adjusts to it.

If you can't stand being hungry 6 hours a day, it is a sign that you are deficient in something and have to find out what that is and build it up first. You have to determine for yourself what is deficient in your diet, but minerals are often the thing most inadequate in a modern diet. I recommend taking a 1-ounce glass of mixed minerals from primary, natural sources such as rock dust, clay, earth, borax and kelp. I suggest buying gelatin capsules and filling them if you find it diffcult to eat that much minerals. See my page on Minerals. Second after that, most people trying to lose weight are deficient in the nutrients found in animal fat products such as lard. Fat is not empty calories. It is the most nutritious food you can eat. Eating a piece of fat is like eating a vitamin pill.

Scientists have found that animals kept in captivity and kept underfed on an otherwise nutritious diet arrived at middle age with dense muscles, darker hair and more energy. In other words, younger in all but years. Animals who were fed the same food but allowed to decide for themselves how much to eat were more prone to diseases of the aged. Eventually, the calorie restricted group lived longer than the group that could eat as it pleased. This was observed to be a curious phenomenon but no one knew why it would be so.

Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Gandhi fasted or recommended fasting. Calorie restriction experiments prove that eating less enhances health and long life.

"... the body recycles enzymes by absorbing them through the intestine and colon and transporting them in the blood back to the upper intestine to be used again. The body is thus designed to conserve its precious enzyme stores." ...Sally Fallon

The body does most of its "housework" of cleaning out toxins and dead cells when it is hungry, or not putting its energy into digesting food.

Our digestive enzymes do triple duty. Besides digesting our food, when they are not busy doing that, they join the immune system and patrol the body looking for invaders (parasites, pathogens, toxins) they can help to get rid of. If there is no food to digest and no pathogens to repel, they are free to do the body's housekeeping and throw out unneeded fat. When we are hungry and not eating is when our digestive enzymes can digest fat in the rest of the body. That is probably why you lose a little weight when you are taking probiotics which are partly digestive enzymes. Taking digestive enzymes like papain and bromelain as supplements will also help the process along, too, but there is no substitute as a healthy weight loss regime for eating less.

 Filling A Plate less is often difficult around well-meaning people who will be concerned that you are not eating "enough".

To make a plate look fuller than it is without adding more food, fill it with small bowls and then put a spoon-sized serving into each bowl. Add lemon wedges, edible flowers and garnishes. (You don't have to eat them, I re-use flowers and lemon wedges for several meals.) Also, you can add small jars of condiments such as soy sauce or a salt fingerbowl to take up space.

Examples of restricted-calorie meals:

Pictured reduced portion meal: teaspoon of peanut butter, half a cup of sauerkraut, teaspoon of brewers yeast, teaspoon of clabbered milk cream cheese, dessert: 3 cherried, 1 small section piece of chocolate bar, 1" square of pistachio halva.

Today's menu:
Morning: glass of kvass and vitamin pills
Coffee with clabbered milk, powdered minerals (DE & clay), teaspoon of coconut oil and honey
Lunch: 1 tablespoon of fruit chutney with chopped-up, pea-sized piece of raw venison, half cup of sauerkraut with soy sauce, teaspoon of peanut butter, half cup of popcorn with teaspoon of nutritional yeast, tablespoon of clabbered milk, kombucha
Supper: Half cup of popcorn with teaspoon of nutritional yeast, 1 tablespoon of clabbered milk with chopped onion greens, tablespoon of fruit chutney mixed with pea-sized piece of raw pig heart, half cup of fruit salad, malt-fermented ale.

I often find that an extremely small meal will be just as enjoyable, and sometimes even more so, than a normal sized one, because it forces me to eat slower to draw it out and enjoy it. For example, when I make chicken liver, I take one chicken liver, fry it in butter and sauteed onion. I put it in a small, heated ceramic bowl and put that in a larger bowl and then wrap in some kind of insulation so it will stay hot (small portions cool off quicker.). I cut the chicken liver into 9 pieces.No matter how small a portion there is, divide it into at least 8 or 9 pieces. Eat each piece separately, chew slowly and savor, don't take another bite until the first one is swallowed and the mouth is empty again.


Drink vinegar or kombucha before eating if you want to lose weight, after eating if you want to gain..
Eat full-array soil based minerals throughout the day. Minerals, even without food, can be very filling. 

Food Enzymes for Health & Longevity by Dr.Edward Howell
Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient  With Recipes by Jennifer McLagan
The Yoga of Eating  by Charles Eisenstein

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