Gather dandelion flowers in the spring and store in the freezer to use later in soups and sauerkraut. Use fresh dandelion flowers in salads and making wine.
The entire dandelion is edible. Add to soups and salads. There are no toxic look-alikes to dandelions, so gathering dandelions is easy and worry-free..

Boiled kelp and dandelion in bone broth

Make a bone broth
Add some kelp
Bring it to a boil and remove from heat.
Put some dandelion flowers into a soup bowl.
Pour the hot kelp broth onto the flowers
Add real fermented soy sauce and sea salt.

Eat tender, young raw dandelion leaves in salad.
Dandelion flower buds can be eaten raw or cooked, and often are less bitter than other parts of the plant because they are always young tissue.

Make dandelion tea from leaves. Use either green leaves or dried. Fennel can be added for taste.

Cook dandelion leaves as you would spinach. Simmer for a long time and then add some bacon fat.

Use dandelions to harvest wild yeast to bake bread or make real ale

Put a handful of dandelion flowers in a jar  with warm water and sugar syrup. Cover with loosely-woven cloth and put in a warm place for a week. Shake once in a while to prevent mold forming. When liquid produces bubbles , strain from the flowers and use liquid as a yeast starter.

Dandelion wine
Fill a 2 gallon bucket up with dandelion flowers.
Add a gallon of hot water
Cover and let steep 2 days.
Strain liquid through sieve to remove flowers
Add 2 quarts of sugar syrup and a quart of
yeast starter.
Pour into glass wine bottles
Cover with airlocks and let sit for a year


Dandelion root decoction is used in Asia to combat cancer.
Dendelion leaf tea is used a detoxifier, spring tonic, liver cleanser, digestive aid and diuretic.
Dandelion tea is used as a facial wash to improve complexion, and as a bath addition.
It has been suggested that dandelion tea given to alcoholics will help alleviate some of the health conditions associated with alcoholism.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living
The Forager's Harvest A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants by Sam Thayer. What's good about this book is that the author tells about things he has experienced, not just cut and pasting or rephrasing what other people have written.
The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine   by Peter Gail

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