Cancer is caused by multi-mineral deficiency

To cure cancer, take 1 - 4 tablespoons of mixed minerals a day. This can be in the form of edible clay, powdered dolomite, plant ashes or make your own combination. (See Minerals.) Start with a small amount and work up to a larger amount. Listen to your body and adjust the amount until you get to a dosage that feels right for you. Drink plenty of water. If you become constipated, drink more water and take magnesium.

You know the drill: I am not a doctor, there is no way that any mainstream medical science would agree with any of the things I say here because it would cost them zillions of dollars if there were an easy, nearly-free way to get rid of cancer. The information on this site is for educational purposes only and, if followed, is done so solely at the initiative of the reader.

That's all there is. It seems like I ought to say more, or have it be more complex, because cancer is such an overwhelming disease that generates so much death and misery to people and profits galore to the cancer industry. But, basically, cancer is caused by lack of minerals and to cure or prevent it, take more minerals.

I suggest buying edible clay because that can be found in edible, food grades that people who are not inclined to take unusual or unorthodox medicines are more likely to feel comfortable with, but, if you want clay that is free and are comfortable with foraging for your own, you can also make your own mixed mineral supplement out of dirt, riverbed clay, ashes and a wide variety of other substances. See my page on Minerals.

Here are some edible clays you can look at. (I make a commission of 4% if you click through this link to buy it, but if you have another source you prefer, go for it.)

Aztec Indian Healing Clay
Gelatin Capsules
Edible Earth
Kaolin Clay Chunks

Any of those will be fine. If you go to any of those links, you can always look around the page for other suggestions for edible clay. Edible Earth is said to taste good. The clay chunks are from Georgia. Get the gelatin capsules if you don't like the taste of mud. I say to take between 1-4 tablespoons, but that is just a place to start. Take a small amount at first, work up to larger amounts and listen to your biofeedback to determine a dose that is right for you. Drink plenty of water along with it.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't cause any harm to someone who is simultaneously getting allopathic cancer therapy (knives, nukes and poisons). It may interfere with the therapy by making it less poisonous, but I don't consider that a problem because I believe cancer therapy is deadly and people are cured of cancer in spite of it, not because of it. You'll know they've come after me when you see "consult your doctor before taking any new medicine" on this page.

Cancer is part of the body's immune defenses.

Cancer is initiated in the body because of mineral deficiencies. The body has to maintain a slightly alkaline pH, and to do this, it needs minerals to balance the acids in the bloodstream that threate to unbalance this pH. If there are not enough minerals in the diet and bloodstream, the body will leach minerals from bones or where ever it can find them to keep the pH slightly alkaline.

If there are too many acids in the body, as there are likely to be in our over-acidic, modern diet, the body will have to find minerals to balance them. If there aren't enough in the bones, it would have to take them out of the organs. Since this would cause problems for the organs and their functions, the body sequesters the acids into a tumor. Tumors are a defense reaction by the body in response to acidosis, or too much acidity in the pH balance.

The acids in a tumor don't need to be chelated in order to deal with them. They can just sit there. A tumor is like the body sweeping these acids under the rug, intending to deal with them some time in the future when it has more minerals at its disposal in order to do so. And when those minerals don't come, the tumor keeps growing because the body keeps building it.

Cancer deaths are caused by cancer therapies.

Cancer, before they start cutting you up and radiating your or poisoning you, is just a lump of your own flesh. Many of us have more flesh than we want in the form of extra weight. Your own flesh, though it might be annoying in quantities larger than you would like, isn't going to do much. It will make you more tired as you have to carry it around, but it doesn't mess up your organs like an actual disease would.

I don't know if added clay or extra minerals will be able to cure someone of the knives, nukes and poisons that allopathic medicine subjects them to, but I know that there's no harm in trying. You can buy an edible grade bentonite clay and take that. It is better that you start taking it before being treated with cancer therapies but, obviously, everyone will have to start where they're at.

The Cure
Take  more minerals. When you have enough minerals in your body, the body doesn't have to store the excess acids in a tumor in order to preserve its small, precious reserve of minerals, but can use the freely available minerals to chelate and remove the excess acidity.

What type of minerals?
See my page on minerals about building a mineral supplement for full information, but, as a starter suggestion, mix equal parts bentonite clay, plant ashes and powdered dolomite. Put a spoonful in a glass of water and drink as many or as often as possible. Add a little lemon juice, vinegar or over-soured kombucha for the taste. You can also eat dirt, see my page on Eat Dirt.

Ancient literature notes the fact that we are made of dirt (minerals). Your body is made of dirt, which is made of minerals. If you're not getting enough minerals, your body will deteriorate.

How about adding some borax?
The US government has decreed that 1/4 teaspoon of borax a day is safe to consume, so definitely you can add some borax to the mineral mixture. Yes, I mean the stuff that comes in the laundry detergent aisle. It is a mineral. See how you feel about it or how your body reacts to it. There are other diseases (fungus-related) besides cancer that supposedly respond well to borax. Can't hurt, and as long as I don't recommend taking more than 1/4 teaspoon a day, I can't even get in trouble with the FDA for it, not that I put that much store by what the FDA has to say about health, mind you.

Cancer Diet
More Minerals
Add four tablespoons of mixed minerals to your diet every day. Start with a small amount, like one teaspoon a day, drink plenty of water with it and listen to your biofeedback as you go. If you become constipated, drink more water. If, when you get up to four tablespoons of minerals a day, you body and biofeedback indicate that is doing you good, you can continue increasing the amount of minerals in your diet until you find an amount that is optimal for you.
Make cultured food and beverages such as kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir and kvass.
Try an occasional fast for a few days a month. Eliminate all muscle or red meat.
If you want to eat flour, wheat or grains:
Mix a legacy flour with ashes in a ratio of three parts flour to one part ashes. Mix with curdled milk, kefir or yogurt until it is about as thin and runny as pancake batter. Let stand overnight and then fry in real fat as you would pancakes. The bread will be gritty.
Add a teaspoon of powdered dolomite to each bowl of oatmeal, cover with water and let soak overnight. Cook in the morning as usual. Powdered dolomite is very mild tasting, but If you don't like the taste, pack the dolomite into gelatin capsules and swallow them along with your meals.

Other Alternative Cancer Treatments

Baking Soda
Baking soda is okay. Baking soda was invented about 1890 as a replacement for saleratus, which was a replacement for pot ash which was a replacement for ashes which used to be used for baking and which are a good source of minerals. The main ingredients in ashes are carbon and sodium. The only ingredients in baking soda are carbon and sodium. The difference is that ashes, a good source of minerals, has small amounts of other minerals that work well in the body when they are together. I recommend a wide variety of minerals because I think it is better for you, but baking soda will alkalyze the body so the cancer cures that call for baking soda are on the right track, but I prefer a full-array source of minerals.

How about massive doses of Vitamin C, a la Linus Pauling?
First off, be aware that Mr. Pauling took calcium ascorbate Vitamin C, not ascorbic acid. The ascorbate version has calcium in it, whereas the ascorbic acid does not. Subsequent studies disproving his theories involved using the acidic ascorbic acid and not the alkaline calcium ascorbate. As long as you are taking the ascorbate, and not the ascorbic, I have no objection to it. Build up the amount you are taking slowly, reduce it if it has a laxative or other negative side-effects, and use your own bio-feedback to ask  yourself if you are feeling better for taking it.

Cottage cheese, flax-seed and cinnamon
These are good foods. Whatever you eat of them replaces the food you were eating before. Go for it. I think that adding minerals will make the cottage cheese protocol work faster, though.

Laetrile, amygdalin, vitamin B17
These are different names for the same thing, a cyanide-based vitamin. Apricot seeds are a good source, apple seeds are a lesser source. It is good at getting tumors to shrink but, remember, the tumor itself is usually not a problem unless it is too big or in a bad place. Take laetrile etc. to shrink the tumor but add minerals to make your body healthier so it won't have to form tumors in the first place.

Hydrogen Peroxide
This is a good source of oxygen, which will help alkalize your body and make you healthier overall. Take it if you can stand the taste. Follow all the safety precautions and make sure to get food grade hp, as other grades contain chemical preservatives and additives.

Other Conditions Helped by Minerals

Almost all diseases have some component of mineral deficiency to them. It can either be as part of the cause of the breakdown of cells or the immune system leaving them susceptible to the disease or it can be its role in neutralizing the acids in the body which, though vital and important in the right proportions, can make the body over-acidic if there are too many acids and not enough minerals to chelate them.

For this reason, I recommend that anyone with any disease condition include extra minerals as part of their treatment. The amount I suggest is a quarter cup a day, though, to be overly on the safe side, start with a teaspoon a day and then work your way up, making sure what you are taking works for you. Take them either mixed with liquid, in food or packed dry into gelatin capsules.Be sure to drink more water when you are supplementing more minerals. If you can drink some of your minerals mixed with water, that kills two bird with one stone, but some -- especially magnesium -- taste really bad, but you still need it.

The following pages will explain more on where to find this large quantity of minerals and how to go about making them into a supplement that is suitable for  you:

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Book Suggestions:

Cure Tooth Decay  by Ramiel Nagel
Salt: Your Way To Health by Dr. David Brownstein. A good book for those who have been told by their doctor to cut down on salt because of high blood pressure, and why natural sea salt is good for you.
Our Earth Our Cure: A Handbook of Natural Medicine for Today by Raymond Dextreit

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