Cabbage Water

Cabbage water is a healthy beverage. It counts as your "something fermented" with every meal. To make it: 

Pack a glass jar with shredded cabbage, either red or green, and cover it with water..
Add a teaspoon of sea salt for each pint of water

Cover the jar with an airlock and let it stand overnight or for a day.

The next day, pour through a filter to hold back cabbage and pour out.
Add salt and lemon to taste as desired.

Enjoy in a nice crystal wine glass.
Refill jar of cabbage and repeat as long as cabbage continues to flavor the water


What about goitrogens?

The amount of cabbage water you drink is unlikely to cause goiters (swollen thyroid), but that's no reason not to supplement with iodine and watch out for your thyroid's health.

Lots of healthy foods deplete the body of other healthy foods if there are too much of one or not enough of the other. That is because it is in the nature of healthy nutrients to work in concert with other nutrients. If those other healthy foods are not being supplied by your diet, your system has to look around the rest of your body to take the things it needs to go with what you have eaten. The answer to this is not to eliminate healthy foods from your diet because they need other substances to complete them, but to have both healthy substances in your diet. Ideally, this should come from food. Unfortunately, we are evolved from creatures who lived close to the sea and could get enough iodine from food from the sea. Those of us who live inland may have to supplement iodine.

You can get iodine from kelp and there are small amounts in French green clay, which has some kelp in it You can also buy a solution and mix it in with your food in any way that is convenient to you. I find it easy to shake drops of iodine solution into a bowl of clay and then wait until they have formed into hard little granules. These can then be swallowed as pills. Some people rub the iodine solution onto their skin. If the solution is gone the next day, it means you were deficient in iodine. Repeat the next day until solution is not absorbed by the skin in 24 hours.

Almost all disease has some mineral deficiency component, either as cause, exacerbation or inhibiting healing. It is very unlikely that anyone living in a modern situation is getting enough minerals in their diet without making some conscious effort to supplement them. See minerals for ways to make your own mineral supplements.

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