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The story of Winding Specialties starts with Bertarm Marks. After returning from WWII he started Girard Electric in 1945 at Girard and Lancaster Ave in Philadelphia, PA where he passed his knowledge down to his sons. In 1970 Bertram passed away leaving the business to Bertarm Jr. In 1971 a subsidiary of Girard Electric , Marc Electric, was created in Yeadon, PA by Patrick and Wayne Marks. In 1979 Winding Specialties was born when Patrick moved to West Chester, PA taking with him all the knowledge he learned since he was 11 years old. That knowledge was graciously given to over 20 men in Pats lifetime. Not only did Patrick give these men a trade but life lessons as well. Sadly, Patrick Marks passed away in November of 2011. However, the business he established over 35 years ago is going strong and is still a West Chester institution. We are one of the very few motor/pump repair shops left in the area and even fewer left that still rewind stators and armature mainly because of the customer service that Patrick Marks established. Come visit us or call with your electric motor/pump needs and see why we are "WEST CHESTERS' OWN WINDING SPECIALTIES."

Brad Vickery