Windhover, "New Era" Tree of Life


You have reached a temporary page for Windhover Creative Design. We'll be moving sometime in January to a new site. 

Until then, here's a look at the first design in a new series. This Tree of Life is called the "New Era" Tree. It is just over 4 ft. tall in this image. The piece features a sculpted trunk, copper branches, and multi-layered wooden leaves, which are faced with an exotic veneer. Each piece will vary with the veneer(s) used. This piece has Curly Maple as the face veneer, stained with a high-quality, UV resistant stain. All pieces are signed by the artist, Brian Hooey.

Over the past 15 years, we have been well-known for our tree sculptures made out of copper and steam-bent wood leaves. For the last 10 of those years, I've been dreaming about this new design. 

Now is the time. Let me introduce you to our new design, full of life... The New Era Tree.