USS WINDHAM BAY CVE 92
 The USS Windham Bay CVE 92 was built by the Kaiser Company in Vancouver, WA. Commissioned May 3, 1944, she served with
 the Pacific Fleet until August, 1946. At that time she was placed out of commission. On October 28, 1950, she was re-commissioned
to again serve with the Pacific Fleet.

In January 1959, USS Windham Bay CVE 92 was placed out of commission and was struck from the list of Naval Vessels on
 February 1, 1959.

In 1990, a group of former crew members assembled in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a reunion. Since that time, a reunion has been held every year in different cities around the country. The final Reunion was held September 19 – 23, 2018. There were 29 people in attendance at the 29th annual reunion, however only 9 were Windham Bay Crew Members. Of those 9, 4 were over 90 years of age. Attendance has been dropping over the years due to age of crew members.


Regretfully, It has been decided to dissolve the USS Windham Bay Association and hold no further reunions. I will continue to maintain the web site for an indefinite period and respond to requests for information.


                   U.S.S WINDHAM BAY 29th REUNION 

           SEPTEMBER 19-23, 2018

2018 Reunion Registered


Dean Savage                

Evelyn Savage

Nina Jensen

Joan Lauritsen

Laurie Bates

Brianna Crees

Carolyn Walsh

Don Walsh

Judy Jenot

Cindy Carrick

Bud Routh

Mary Routh

Jim Mickelberry

Joan Mickelberry

Ken Baker

Laurie Stephenson

John Stephenson

Neil Dickinson

Virgina Finchum

Rachel Quate

Beverly Galanti

John Galanti

Bill Nowak

Nancy Nowak

Jim Van Den Langenberg

Patricia Matzke

Faye Mckee

Linda Wenzel

Janeil Gravel

Cheryl Acres

Leslie Clanton

Kirk Smith

Joan Smith

Susanne Russikoff

Sheila Gimbel

Shirley Markezich

Caroline Mason

Jeni Markezich

Faye Koch

Donald Koch

Troy Lollis

Dianna Lollis

Johnny Lollis

Cooper Lollis (4)