USS WINDHAM BAY CVE 92

 The USS Windham Bay CVE 92 was built by the Kaiser Company in Vancouver, WA. Commissioned May 3, 1944, she served with
 the Pacific Fleet until August, 1946. At that time she was placed out of commission. On October 28, 1950, she was re-commissioned
to again serve with the Pacific Fleet.

In January 1959, USS Windham Bay CVE 92 was placed out of commission and was struck from the list of Naval Vessels on
 February 1, 1959.

In 1990, a group of former crew members assembled in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a reunion. Since that time, a reunion has been
 held every year in different cities around the country. There are 141 active members of the USS Windham Bay Association.
 Association dues are $10.00 per year which provides for a quarterly newsletter.

                                                                                The Association Officers
                                                                                   President; Bud Routh
                                                                                  Vice President: Troy Lollis 
                                                                                  Secretary: Evelyn Savage
                                                                                Treasurer: Donna Davenport
                                                                                  Membership: Byron “Bud” Routh
                                                                                   Historian (North): Don Koch     
                                                                                   Historian (East): Don Walsh
                                                                                   Newsletter Editor: Evelyn Savage

                                                                     For information about the association contact:


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Portland, OR

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  Reunion Registrations as of 8/18/2016

Kirk Smith

Joan Smith

Jim Mickleberry

Joan Mickleberry

Nina Jensen

Troy Lollis

Joan Lauritsen

Donna Davenport

Jim Van Den Langenberg

Faye Mckee

Linda Wenzel

Bill Nowak

Nancy Nowak

Bud Routh

Mary Routh

Jesse Gutierrez

Cindy Keene

Shirley Makezich

Caroline Markezich

Jennifer Markezich

Dan Nolan

Donna Allen

Debbie Luster

Ken Peters

Nyla Peters

Dean Savage

Evelyn Savage

Milt Rossikov

Sue Rossikov

Sheila Gimbel

Neil Dickinson

Janeil Gravel (Neil's daughter)

Don Koch

Faye Koch

 Virginia Finchum

Melody Finchum

USS Windham Bay CVE 92 28th annual reunion will be in Portland, OR hosted by Dan Nolan's daughters.

USS Windham Bay CVE 92 29th annual reunion will be in Akron, OH hosted by Donna Davenport