Membership Dues and Event Fees

2ndMaryland Infantry, Co H CSA Inc.

Regular Membership

Annual dues are $29 for individual and $31 family memberships with only one soldier. A $7 surcharge is needed for each additional soldier on a family membership.

From this fee, the company pays your regimental and brigade dues, which provides supplemental accident and liability insurance. This insurance is active during participation in sanctioned events and is secondary to your primary insurance policy, if you have one. Sanctioned events are any re-enactments, living histories, ceremonies, parades, lectures, etc. which are on our schedule and provided to the regiment at the beginning of each reenacting season. During the season, if events are added to our schedule, an updated list is sent to the regiment as additional sanctioned events. After a probationary period, members become established with full voting rights in company business. The dues also pay for a one-year newsletter subscription.

Event Registration Fees

Larger events, at which battles are re-enacted, normally all charge registration fees (yes, we pay to be the entertainment!). The fees range from $2 - $35 per event, and are used to provide re-enactors with water, straw, firewood, and the all-important port-a-potties. On occasion, some events provide a Saturday evening meal, as well. Many events charge on a sliding scale, with lower fees for early pre-registration and higher fees for "walk on" (i.e., non-pre-registered) participants. As a company, we try to get everyone pre-registered early to take advantage of the lowest fees, so the average is usually five or ten dollars per event. Fortunately, most living history events, parades and ceremonies are usually free.

Newsletter Subscription

An annual newsletter subscription is $15.

Sometimes we have friends from other reenacting groups that are interested in our activities or history buffs that wish to receive our newsletter. A newsletter subscription does not include membership in the regiment or brigade, insurance, or company voting rights.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in joining 2nd Maryland, Company H, or just finding out more about our organization or reenacting in general, please contact our recruiting officer, Thomas Hayman, at Thomas will send you a membership form and answer any questions you might have.