Civilian Activities

From the Civilian Coordinator:

The Civilian Group of 2nd Maryland, Company H, operates with a membership of men, women and children. We provide support to our troops while in the field by preparing cold drinks, fresh fruit and cold towels upon their return from marches, battles and engagements.

The Group participates at living history events by performing cooking demonstrations, fashion shows and interacting with the public to show them how it looked during the period of the Civil War.

We hope to develop new ideas and projects during the coming year to promote further education and understanding of our hobby.



These lists were compiled to give you an idea of what you may need to do reenacting. Please keep in mind that we all have different ideas of how we want to go about our impressions. There are some of us who are great at sewing and can make anything we want, but some of us prefer to buy what we need and try not to spend a lot of money doing it. Remember this is your impression, and as long as you get the direction you'll be fine. If you have any questions you may contact the civilian coordinator or our civilian liaison to 2nd Regiment (Robin Peterson).

Angela Long is the Civilian Coordinator of 2nd Md. Co. H. Her contact information follows:
Mailing Address:
29730 Scotts Blvd.
Princess Anne, MD

Phone: 410-713-8791

You can also contact me through the Company H Facebook Page

A copy of the Civilian Guidelines for the 2nd Regiment PACS can be obtained from the company or regimental contact.

 If anyone has any ideas of things they would like to do or see at events, please let me know and we'll see what we can come up with.



  1. Dress: "Camp dress" or "day dress" has long sleeves and reaches to your ankles. Blouse-Garabaldi type with dropped shoulders, closure at the neck with buttons down front, long sleeves, usually made of cotton, can be print or solid color. Skirt-ankle length, gathered at the waistband, back closure of hook and eye or button, small floral prints or plaids or checks. Generally, if you have more background than print you should be ok.
  2. Slip: Over slip should be fine (has more ruffles at bottom).
  3. Socks: Trouser socks (nylon, your local department store).
  4. Shoes: Pair of black shoes with a buckle strap or ankle high boots (black preferred, brown OK).
  5. Hat: For summer you may want to consider a straw hat and also a pair of lace gloves, full or mitt (fingerless), black, gray, or white. Beware of some of the other, more garish, colors.
  6. Shawl: Should be crocheted or knitted out of worsted wool or cotton; no acrylics. Preferably white, black or gray.
  7. Hair:Long hair should be kept in a bun at the base of the neck, or crocheted snood.
  8. Make-up: The "natural look" (i.e., no make-up) is best. A light powder and light blush is acceptable. Please, no eye shadow and no bright lipstick.
  9. Jewelry: Old-looking brooches (such as cameos and flower prints) are good. Earrings should be the wire type that dangle. As for rings, use your judgment. Gold or silver bands are fine, and no one will ever tell you to remove your wedding band.
  10. Handbags: Woven baskets work great, and can be had at sutlers (and sometimes even found at Wal-Mart or K-Mart). Drawstring purses (cosmetic bags that pull shut) are also acceptable.




  1. Dresses: Should made of fabric similar to adult's dress, with a boat or square neckline. No garish colors, although they can be brighter than adult dresses. Hemline should be at knee.
  2. Undergarments: Should be white or off-white pantaloons if possible, otherwise tights and slip.
  3. Shoes: Black ankle boots preferred.
  4. Hats: Straw or bonnet, similar to adult females' hat.



  1. Pants: Knee-length, made of wool, heavy linen, or gabardine. You can use dickey pants with some alterations or purchase wool pants at a sutler.
  2. Shirts: 3 buttons, like adult males' shirts.
  3. Drawers: Like adult males' drawers (necessary if boy wears wool pants).
  4. Socks: white, brown, black, off white, tan made of wool or cotton.
  5. Shoes: Black ankle or mid calf boots made with leather uppers can get away with ALL BLACK sneakers.
  6. Hat: Straw hat or beret.