Special Dependent Districts

Information about and resources for Special Dependent Districts (Special Taxing Districts) in Hillsborough County

As I learned about Special Dependent Districts or Special Taxing Districts), I became frustrated there was not one central place in Hillsborough County where I could get information about my district or about districts in general. This web page is intended to list the various districts in this county, links to their website if any, links to county staff who are involved with the districts, and various forms and procedures.

2008 Elections

This is an election year for Special Districts for some of their  Board of Trustee seats. The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) sent out  some information explaining the process.

In order to become a candidate you need to get a certain number of petitions signed by registered voters who live in the special district.  For Hillsborough County petitions signed by 7 voters are needed.   

Deadline for Candidates to Submit Petitions:
noon on May 19, 2008

Once the petitions are submitted, the SOE will verify the petition signatures were signed by registered voters from the Special Taxing District.  Then, the SOE will send out the Loyalty Oath and the Statement of Financial Interest.  These are to be sent in during Qualifying Week beginning  June 16, 2008. 

Deadline for Candidates to Qualify: noon  on June 20, 2008

If the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of seats, then the candidates will not be placed an the ballot, instead they will automatically gain the seat.  If there are more candidates then the number of seats, then the candidates will be placed on the ballot.

Election Date: August 26, 2008 (Primaries)

List of Hillsborough County Special Dependent Districts
Arlington Special Dependent District
Bay Crest Park Special District
Beacon Meadows Special Dependent Tax District
Bloomingdale Oaks Service District
Bloomingdale Special Taxing District
Boyette Springs Special Dependent District
Brandon Groves North Service District
Brandon Hills Dependent Special District
Buckhorn Estates Special Dependent District
Buckhorn Oaks Special Dependent District
Carrollwood Meadows Special District
Carrollwood North Special District
Carrollwood South Service District
Country Lakes Special Dependent Tax District
Country Place Special Maintenance District
Country Run Service District
Country Village Special Dependent District
Cove At Bayport Colony, The
East Lake Park Special Dependent District
Hammock Woods Service District
Hickory Hill Special Dependent District
Hunter's Lake Special Dependent Tax District
Indian Hills Hickory Ridge II Special Dependent Tax District
Keystone Grove Lake Special Dependent District
Lago Vista Maintenance District
Lake Brant Special Dependent District
Lake Heather Service District
Lake Magdalene Estates West
Lake Magdalene Special Dependent District
Lake Strawberry Special Dependent District
Logan Gate Village Special Dependent District
North Lakes Maintenance District
North Pointe Special Tax District
Northdale Special District
Pine Hollow Special Dependent District
Pine Meadows Special Dependent District
South Pointe Service District
Sugarwood Groves Special District
Tampa Shores Dependent Special District
Tarawood Grove Special District
Valrico Manor Special Dependent Tax District
Village Estates West Special District
Waterford Special Dependent District
Westchester Special Dependent District
Westwood Dependent Tax District
Windemere Special Dependent District

Fl. Special District Information Programs

Special District Handbook

Hillsborough County Tax Collector Non-Ad Valorem Program


Detailed list of SDD's 

2008 SDD Elections Information