Star Alarm

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by WD Woods   [ updated Sep 20, 2011, 10:03 PM ]

Singer/songwriter and visual artist Chris Taylor and Eve Lateiner, a painter were the lead artists on the Lafayette Project.  The space is Lateiner’s studio and her artwork provided inspiration for aesthetic, character, and expression for the creation of the piece.  Taylor’s music and his desire for the opportunity to create an intentional community provided the source material 

for the process. 

The Process
One of the founding elements of Hands Together Collective is our commitment to social experimentation.  We ask our clients what kind of community or culture they would like to create in their space and we explore the agreements and negotiations around creating this culture. 

Taylor was interested in exploring the idea and experience of “neotribalism.”  Neotribalism or modern tribalism is the ideology that human beings have evolved to live in tribal society, as opposed to mass society, and thus will naturally form social networks constituting new "tribes."  Together we created a list of agreements for the group that would support and nurture the intention of this exploration. 

Taylor selected six songs that he had written that would provide the “spine” or narrative stepping-stones for the piece.  The actors and participants were provided with six questions inspired by the songs and asked to prepare autobiographical stories that related to the themes in the questions.  Wind Dell Woods, playwright and script architect, was present during the devising sessions to record and synthesize the generated content in order to create the script.

The Project
A 70-minute musical, interactive, m

ulti-arts performance piece inspired by material generated during six devising meetings.  This story expresses the artist’s struggle of finding the inner resilience to battle the moral confines of society in the pursuit of freedom and artistic fulfillment.