Getting started

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         The Control Module -
The Magic Flutes control centre.

In this quick start we use the  INTERNAL SOUND CARD that is fitted in the Control Module for sound.

Connect the AUDIO out of the Control Module to an amplifier, mixer or powered (computer) speakers.

You must plug the flute into the controll center BEFORE you connect the power supply.

Connect the power supply and keep the flute still during the calibration. The flute has to be in a horizontal position.


Select this picture on the display with Sip and Puff (or use the display buttons) and start playing.

You can see on the display which notes you play.

Thats all.   Enjoy!!



If you want to use the Magic Flute as MIDI* controller.

Use a MIDI* cable to connect the MIDI output of the Control Module to the MIDI input from your musical instrument or computer**.