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Please send an e-mail to us if you want to order the Magic Flute. (mybreathmymusic   @      gmail.com)

The Magic Flute cost  € 1639,- (EX VAT) plus shipping.

This includes: The Magic Flute
                     The Control Module with adapter and internal sound card.
                     Table stand (Manfrotto 196AB) with grip.
                     1 MIDI cable
                     1 Cable to connect the magic flute to the Control Module
                     1 Standard switch with a 3.5mm (1/8") monoplug





Extra options   
Manfrotto Friction arm  244  € 110,00 (EX VAT)  extra (this replaces the Manfrotto 196AB)
If you have to set up the Magic Flute every time you play then this arm is a better option.



Warranty is 12 months back to base (IRL) non-accidental. Faulty units will be replaced or repaired at the manufacturer’s discretion.